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Fashion Tricks To Stay Warm At Christmas Parties

Fashion Tricks To Stay Warm At Christmas Parties

Hot chocolate, mulled wine and rum cakes… can life get any better! It’s time to celebrate and spread Christmas cheer. Having said that, you didn’t think we would ignore dressing for Christmas parties, did you? Since we are in the middle of the cold season, rather than what sequin to sport, we are more concerned about the warmth and comfort. So this festive season, keep it glamorous and protect yourself from the cold with our fashion tricks. Here’s our guide to staying snug at Christmas parties and looking effortlessly chic this winter.

1. A Maxi Dress

maxi dress

A fancy party on the weekend? Whether your party’s outside or inside, go glam with a full-length maxi dress. This is an ideal pick for a dress length because you can disguise legwarmers inside and stay warm and comfortable. Pick a dressy satin number for Christmas parties. 

This Sequin Maxi Dress (Rs 2,499) is perfect for your weekend Christmas party.

2. Over The Knee Boots

over the knee boots

Even though it’s time for cosy sweater dresses, you can’t ignore your classic LBD? Well, obviously. It’s the perfect party dress and we are not going to take that away from you. Just so you don’t freeze over, add a pair of chic over the knee boots and dance the night away. Stockings optional, of course!

We totally recommend these OVER-THE-KNEE HIGH HEEL BOOTS (Rs 4,990). 

3. A Fur Vest

fur vest

Whether you’re rocking denims, skirts or a mini dress, a fur vest looks extremely polished and elegant. It will totally enhance the look of your outfit and keep you snug. 

Keep yourself comfortable and warm with this FAUX FUR WAISTCOAT WITH HOOD DETAILS (4,990).

4. A Midi Skirt

midi skirt

Yes, midi skirts are still in fashion. The celebrity-approved below-the-knee skirt is trendy and stylish. Also, the length is perfect for cold festivities. Add a pair of ankle length boots and a lace inset sweater and slay the look.

Pair a black sweater with this Mesh Overlay Midi Skirt (Rs 999) for a smart and elegant look.

5. Stockings


Warm stockings, leggings and tights are just perfect for the chilly winter season. Pair them with a sequined mini skirt or shorts and a fancy sweater or a jacket and you’re good to go. Do take into consideration the thickness of the stocking depending on the kinds of temperatures you are experiencing in the winter. 

These Thermogen Premium Brushed Leggings (Rs 1,043) are the perfect pick for the winters.



17 Dec 2017

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