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8 Trends We’re Rooting For In 2018!

8 Trends We’re Rooting For In 2018!

Amongst other things, 2017 was a year of corset belts, statement sleeves and flared pants. But it’s time we say goodbye to a few trends (off shoulder trend being the first one to go, please). All good things must come to an end so even better things can happen, right? So, here we are, hoping that the coming year will be a fresh change for fashion. These 8 fashion trends we’ll be seeing a lot in 2018. At least we hope so!  

1. Socks with sandals

This unexpected trend really stood out in 2017. From elegant sheer socks with embellishments to sporty calf length socks, the trend seemed to be favourite amongst bloggers and celebrities. We want to see more of this underrated trend in 2018, please!

Style these sheer slouch socks (Rs 325) with basic black stilettos for a trendy look.

2. Fringes

Shredded tees, sequin strips, fringe earrings – there’s a fringe for everyone. Fringes have a vintage vibe that instantly takes us back in time. We spotted the trend at Calvin Klein and Celine, and we’re SO on board!


Our eyes are set on this velvet top with fringes (Rs 2,790).

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3. Plaid

We’re sure that you own at least one plaid piece in your wardrobe by now (you should totally get one if you don’t!) From classic plaid to gingham checks, the print established itself as the standout print of the season. We’d definitely like to see more of the trend next year!

4. The fanny pack

Did you ever think that you’d live to the day when this trend would come back? Neither did we. But here it is, looking cooler than ever and this time with a little belt-like update. The ultimate mix of fashion and function makes this an accessory we’d love to flaunt!


For first-timers, this black envelope waist bag (Rs 1,890) is a cool one to start with.

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5. Ruching

There’s something oddly sexy about ruching, don’t you think? If there’s one trend that’ll beat the corset in 2018, we’re pretty sure that’ll be ruching. Also, it’s not half as uncomfortable!  

6. Statement waist belts

There’s so much experimenting left to do with this one! From flowy fabrics to textures, we won’t be surprised if this is one of the major trends next year. No, we’re not complaining.  


You can use this double buckle belt (Rs 1,790) from Zara to cinch your waist with just about any outfit!

7. Feather

We’d like to flock with Saint Laurent on this one. Feather rimmed clothes and boots – this flirty trend is here to stay in 2018.

8. Asymmetrical necklines

We always save the best for the last. Presenting to you the one trend we’re majorly looking forward to in 2018 – asymmetrical necklines! Already seen on Deepika Padukone, the trend is sure to take the internet by storm in the coming year.

Get this one shoulder asymmetrical top (Rs 1,990) for a classy 2018!


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19 Dec 2017

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