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17 Fashion Trends We Are Sure Were Invented By Poo From K3G!

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Dec 14, 2017
17 Fashion Trends We Are Sure Were Invented By Poo From K3G!


“Kon hai woh jisne dobara mudke mujhe nahi dekha!” If this is your mantra in life, then you’re at the right place! K3G aka Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham completed 17 years today and that’s reason enough to celebrate the fashion visionary that is our Poo. So here are 17 pearls of wisdom straight from the books of Queen P which we still follow religiously. Go on and “hallelujah!”

1. Crop Tops

1 poo - kareena kapoor kabhi khushi kabhi gham

Poo’s introduction in the movie has undoubtedly been one of the most interesting montages in Bollywood! The front asymmetric-cut blouse with a barely-there back, ah, it can’t get hotter than that!

Poo is a legend and even after all these years, her style is still totally LIT. And if you’re a fan, then you need this tee.


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2. Bootcut Bottoms

2 poo - bell bottoms bootcut trousers kareena kapoor

Poo has been the definition of true #FashionGoals with these printed bootcut trousers since 2001! And 17 years later, there’s no stopping the trend. Extra points for the side slits though, poo-likey!

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3. Millennial Pink

3 poo - millennial pink kabhi khushi kabhi gham

Remember what a rage millennial pink was, and for all the right reasons too! Guess, Poo’s been the inspiration behind it with her sequined crop top, matching jacket and handbag. It’s not Poo if it’s not pink!

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4. Coordinate Sets

4 poo - you are my sonia kareena red outfit

How hard we’ve all tried to get this iconic Poo-look for all our Bollywood theme parties as kids! Red is the new ‘all black everything’ even now!

5. Sharara Sharara!

5 poo - bole chudiya pink lehenga sharara kareena kapoor

OMG don’t even get us started on the great ‘Bole Chudiya wala Pink Sharara.’ With the wedding season in full swing, this could be your next celebratory OOTD, just like Poo’s!

6. What The Fur!

6 poo - fur scarf kareena kapoor

Wearing an outfit is never enough. You obviously need the right accessories to go with it to channel your inner diva. Let a fuzzy little scarf just like her’s take care of it. After all, both Poo and you like being ‘extra!’

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7. Bralette (As Tops)

7 poo - bralette

Wearing bralettes as tops is a trend not new to any fashion enthusiast. And guess who has been working that outfit for years. Pair them with your high-waisted bottoms, even Poo would approve of it!

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8. Nude Lips

8 poo - nude lipstick

Not even the Kardashians can rock the nude lip trend better than Poo. We love how she matched her lips to the colour of eyes (and hair) throughout the movie. Isn’t life all about “Good looks, good looks, and good looks!”

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9. Slick Straight Hair

9 poo - straight hair coloured hair

How many times do you straighten your hair before going out? Almost everytime right?! Poo loves you for it.

10. Winged Eyes

10 poo - bole chudiya kareena kapoor eyes

You know what? Just wing it. Life, eyeliner, everything. Everything else is just so, “Minuuuus!”

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11. Dewy Skin

11 poo - kareena kapoor intro kabhi khushi kabhi gham

Don’t we all crave for a skin that not only feels but also looks soft, lustrous, and LIT from within? In other words, “P-H-A-T! Pretty, hot and tempting!”

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12. Lip Liners

12 poo - lip liner

Neatly bordered lips are back in the game and we’re thankful. Want to perfect that pout? You know what to do!

13. Ombre Hair

13 poo - kabhi khushi kabhi gham

The craze of hair highlights is here to stay, as is everyone’s fave shade of ombre. Interesting how 18 years later we’re still not over the subtle yet sexy hair trend.

14. Metallic Nails

14 poo - kabhi khushi kabhi gham

Everything that Poo does (or wears) is always on point. Even her nails! Notice her wearing her nails in the metallic trend we all love so damn much.

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15. Chokers

15 poo - choker

If you are still not over chokers and want to wear one even today, just go for it! It does make an instant statement and Poo is proof of it!

16. Sunglasses

16 poo - sunglasses kareena kapoor

Sunglasses are like Instagram. They allow you to stare at/stalk people without getting caught. Like Poo would say, Hallelujah!

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17. Animal Print


Poo was rocking chic animal print long before any of us tried it out, and that’s saying something!

Thank you Kareena Kapoor Khan for bringing Poo to life. Your replacement? Still not found!

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