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Everything You Need To Know About Having Sex During Your Period

Period sex has its pros and cons! It’s not something that is as openly talked about, even though it is something that does happen. Like everything else related to sex, the choice is entirely yours to make. We thought we would round up some information for you on the matter… So read on!

1. #Winning

The big O can ease your cramps! Having an orgasm can actually reduce the pain you feel from your menstrual cramps. This is because having sex releases endorphins and helps reduce stress levels too! having sex during your period

2. Period, Period – Go Away!

Having sex on your period might actually result in your period going away faster! This is because when you orgasm, you speed up the release of the tissue that want to come out during your period. So just to recap – you get to have sex and it might make your period go away faster – ka ching!!

3. Statistics

Like we said, it’s not something that a lot of people talk about – but that doesn’t mean that people out there aren’t doing it! In fact, up to 30% of couples engage in sex while the woman is experiencing “that time of the month”. having sex during your period


4. About STIs

This is an important one to remember: the risk of transmitting an STI might be higher during this time of the month. This is because during your period, your cervical wall is more open as compared to the rest of the month – so always use protection!

5. You may like it… A lot!

Your body is very sensitive during this time and it is more receptive to any, err, prodding and poking! While you may feel yucky around the first day of your period, by day 3 or so you could feel a rise in your hormone levels – which leads to feeling aroused. Plus, there’s a lot of natural lubrication happening down there… Enough said! having sex during your period

6. What does the doctor say?

Doctors are perfectly happy to tell you that period sex is NOT a no-no. So long as both partners are comfortable in the matter, there isn’t a medical reason why one should have a break from sex!

7. What does your partner say?

Everyone is different and you need to know how your partner feels about having sex when you are on your period. Rather than springing it on him just as things are getting hot and heavy, why not casually discuss it beforehand and see what he thinks? having sex during your period


8. About the mess…!

There will be blood! Lay a towel down on your bed before having sex to avoid bloodstains on the bed. Or have sex in the shower!

9. Top tip

Just in case you forgot to lay a towel down or you started your period without realising and your sheets are now stained… Soak your sheets in cold salt water and use a stain remover on them before putting them in for a normal wash – and things should be good as new! having sex during your period

10. How to get around things…

The best position during this time, with regard to minimising the mess, is the missionary position. You on your back means less flow. If you don’t want to have intercourse, but still want to fool around, then why not use a tampon? You can be safe knowing you’re protected from leaks and even engage in clitoral stimulation.

11. The biggest myth: Pregnancy?!

People seem to think that the biggest advantage of period sex is the fact that you cannot get pregnant. FACT UPDATE: You can still get pregnant if you have sex during your period. While the chances are less, the end your period can sort of overlap with the start of your ovulation period – plus sperm can live for up to five days inside a woman’s body. So use protection! having sex during your period


12. It’s totally up to YOU!

As with everything related to sex, the choice is entirely yours. It’s not something you have to do (obviously)!! GIFs: Giphy Featured Image: Shutterstock


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