Don’t Lash Out: Thinking Of Getting Eyelash Extensions? Read This First!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Sep 2, 2020
Don’t Lash Out: Thinking Of Getting Eyelash Extensions? Read This First!


Gone are the days when applying two coats of mascara was the final step in our eye makeup routine! Now faux lashes have become as common as our other beauty products and even though they are not a necessity, they do give your makeup a whole new dimension. Even if you are wearing absolutely no makeup, just apply your falsies and you’re good to go!

Faux lashes have definitely amassed a whole new generation’s worth of popularity, thanks to all the TikTok ‘stars’ who are rocking their lash extensions! Yes, eyelash extensions because who has the time to stick falsies?!

But do you really need to get eyelash extensions? Also, are they safe? Keep on reading, boo!

What Are Eye Lash Extensions?

As the name suggests, eyelash extensions are a cosmetic procedure used to enhance your natural lashes. The technician applies tiny strips of false lashes to your eyes that add volume, length and thickness to your natural lashes. In case you were wondering, your faux lashes last for about 6-8 weeks after a standard procedure. And no, they do not spoil your natural lashes.

Are Eyelashes Extensions Worth It?

Honestly, it depends! If you love sporting larger than life lashes on a daily basis, you should go for them. It’s definitely better than glueing falsies every day and taking them off at night- now that can affect the growth of your natural lashes.

The best part about eyelashes extensions is that there are SO many options to choose from! And just like your natural lashes, they fall out within 6-8 weeks, without destroying your natural lashes.

What Do Falsies Do To Your Natural Lashes?

There isn’t much evidence that shows that getting eyelashes extensions is bad for your lashes but an excess of everything is bad! It may or may not affect your natural lashes but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? And, if you are thinking about getting it done, make sure you get it done from a reputed professional. If possible, get your skin tested for allergies. Also, do keep these pointers in mind before fixing up an appointment:

– Make sure your technician is professionally trained and knows what they’re doing. Reviews, read a lot of them.

– Make sure that the pair of lashes and the tweezers are both sterilized.

– Another very important thing is ensuring that your technician uses disposable eyelash curlers as you do not want to get someone else’s infection in your eyes.

–  Also, there is a small risk of developing alopecia (hair loss in small patches) where your natural lashes may fall off, but then again, depends from person to person.

– Just like you take care of your nail extensions (cuticles oils and all), make sure you are doing everything you can to maintain the health of your lashes. Applying olive oil before bed is a great start!


If reading these pointers is making you re-think your decision to get extensions, there’s always the good ‘ol mascara to save the day! But if you’re all for it, then go for it, babe!

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