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Baby Soft Skin For Life: Everything You Need To Know About Dermaplaning!

Baby Soft Skin For Life: Everything You Need To Know About Dermaplaning!

Moisturiser commercials enticing us with catchy jingles about baby-like skin and then claiming to bring your youth back – so inviting, right? Who wouldn’t want baby soft skin to last a lifetime? No ageing, no damage, just smooth skin that feels like satin. In dreamland, yet? Okay, stay there because I am about to tell you of a way this is actually possible.


I wouldn’t call my skin rough or damaged per se, but I am obsessed with smooth skin. I am a scrub nerd and a sheet mask hoarder. Hydration could be my middle name and am not kidding. But as I started to age, my skin somehow stopped responding to scrubbing as it once used to. I needed to go beyond exfoliation and that’s when my research led me to the land of hyper-exfoliation called Dermaplaning.

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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a skincare treatment that involves using a sterile surgical scalpel (topically) to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells off your skin. The treatment is virtually painless and also takes care of Vellus hair or peach fuzz as people like to call it. The process results in a stimulating effect which causes your skin to produce more collagen which increases skin tightness and skin texture. While this treatment sounds simple but the results last a while.

So, It’s Basically Shaving?

Short answer? No. Dermaplaning uses a scalpel with a sharp blade that is moved back and forth against your skin while a professional holds it taut to get rid of the dead skin. It needs precision and of course precaution.  

Who Can Opt For Dermaplaning?

Someone with active acne, broken skin, sunburns, any sort of an active allergy, or someone who is on some sort of skin medication or blood thinners will not be allowed to go through with this procedure.

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The Process

The treatment begins with two cleanses. It is very important to use a good skincare range during and after Dermaplaning. This process enhances the absorption of products by 80%, making it the perfect time for good quality products to seep in.

After a thorough and close examination of your skin, and deciding exactly what you need, the procedure begins. A Dermaplane treatment will always be paired with a facial or another skin treatment. So once that is decided, the technician begins gently scraping your skin with the scalpel – it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable at all and you will find that it is actually quite relaxing. The scalpel is used lightly and the process takes around 30 minutes. And then of course, your decided skincare treatment follows.

Are There Immediate Results?

Your skin is immediately smooth to touch. That is a definite plus. With the outer layer scraped off and the peach fuzz as well, your skin literally feels like satin. It will also look luminous, like the blood has rushed to your face. You will see a glow, and it will only get better the next day. Skincare products are absorbed better and make-up goes on much more smoothly. The results are long-lasting, and there is almost no downtime, unlike other cosmetic procedures. For better results, you should repeat this every 4-6 weeks. A session of Dermaplaning usually costs between Rs 5000-Rs 8000

Things To Keep In Mind

This procedure is recommended for all skin types. You need to make sure you stock up on sunscreen, because along with great product absorption your skin also absorbs impurities and UV rays at an alarming rate. So post Dermaplaning, SPF needs to become your best friend. While it cannot get rid of deep-seated wrinkles, over time it can get rid (YES GET RID), of finer wrinkles. The basic reason is that this process removes the top layer of your skin so the lighter wrinkles do come off (again yes, come off) along with the top layer. One last thing, PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! This needs to be done under supervision and by a trained professional.

So, did this help?

09 Feb 2018

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