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7 Hot Girl Makeup Looks To Beat The Heat

7 Hot Girl Makeup Looks To Beat The Heat

It’s summer already and we’re drooling at the thought of posting sun-kissed selfies of ourselves fashioning effortless pops of glitter much like Alia Bhatt‘s sought-after lit-from-within aesthetic, smatterings of rose-tinted blush straddling the cheekbones, and coats of mascara to dramatise our look just a little. 

And there isn’t a better time to tug at the experimental MUA within us all than now. We’ve rounded up a few of the hottest makeup looks to add to your mood board ASAP. Just imagine sipping on ice-cold margaritas by the beach on your next bucket-list destination on a perfect Sunday but not without the right look though. And each one is so easy to recreate. Bookmark them RN.

Fiery Looks To Recreate This Summer

A Very Peri Situation

The verdict is out, we’ll never tire of a cat-eye underscoring a look. And a cat-eye spiked with accents of the iconic very peri—a colour that epitomises the mood of the year? Hell, yes! Just sweep a little bit of the colour along your lids. This sets the backdrop for the flicks. Once you’ve drawn them, layer your eyes with mascara, drench your lips in a shade of pink, accentuate the arch of your brows with a brush, and add some highlighter into the equation. There you go—a 2022 summer-favourite of ours. 

Sunny Hues

This Megan Fox look reigns supreme. And rightfully so. A wash of orange-yellow teasing the upper-corners and inner-corners of the eyes is enough to headline your entire look. Just sweep a little bit of eyeshadow over the lids, smear some gloss onto the lips, and dust blush around the cheeks to conclude the look.

A 90s supermodel look

Can you tell we’re obsessed with ’90s lips? They’re all statement-making. And they cemented the decade’s reputation as one of the most iconic eras for makeup. The ’90s supermodel lips is one trend everyone’s lusting after these days. Fashioned by the likes of Cindy Crawford and Angeline Jolie, this trend accompanied the powerful strides of supermodels like Naomi Campbell too. It was defined by a shade of nude on the lips, an unblended outline of liner contouring the borders, and a puckered pout. A new iteration of the look, displayed by recent adoptees of the trend like Kim Kardashian, Alexa Demie (her entire aesthetic is pivoted on the 90s) and Storm Reid amongst others, is more wearable in the way that it diffuses the outline into the lighter shade of lipstick sitting atop the lips. You’ve gotta try it out! 

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter

Nothing can rival glitter-studded lips. They’re almost ubiquitous—from complementing the highly-coveted no-makeup makeup look to accentuating dramatic sweeps of eyeshadow across the lids, glossy lips are unbelievably versatile, and reward you with a puckered pout almost instantly. Marry it with a flushed cheeks and natural-looking brows to ace the lit-from-within glow this summer.

Neon lids

Nothing pairs better with summer than shades of neon sitting atop the lids. We’re loving the contrast between the pink (notice the colour melting into a shade of purple toward the end) and the yellow. Joey King, you’re queening. And you know it.


We don’t know about you, but if cat-woman does it, we’re jumping right in on the bandwagon. Tightlining, a popular 2000s trend, is witnessing a resurgence, and we’re here for it. This technique adds some drama to the eyes without seeming too obvious. Retrieve your waterproof eyeliner, and you’re halfway there.

Scarlet lips

A striking scarlet on the lips has never looked better. Even though red is always in vogue, there’s something about the colour that’s so reminiscent of summertime. No? Just drench your lips in a hue of striking red, brush a little bit of the colour onto your cheeks, and draw a traditional cat-eye on the lids.

What are you waiting for? Fire it up with these looks RN. If you’re a minimalist, just tightline your eyes, and accompany the look with a little mascara and gloss. If you want to go all-out, let Megan Fox’s sultry aesthetic play muse to your look, and dust a pop of pigmented eyeshadow on the lids.

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19 Apr 2022

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