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Turn On The Zen: Relaxing Essential Oil Combos That Will Turn Your Home Into A Spa

Turn On The Zen: Relaxing Essential Oil Combos That Will Turn Your Home Into A Spa

They come in tiny bottles, but don’t be fooled by their size! Essential oils have the power to make your entire house smell like a spa retreat. While most essentials oils revolve around one scented ingredient, you can mix them with other essential oils to make a brand new scent! So which essential oil product should you experiment with first? Let’s find out!

Best Essential Oil Combos

Time for a pamper sesh, ladies!

1. Lavender & Khus Essential Oil For Better Sleep

This essential oil combo helps one to de-stress, feel calmer and more relaxed. Pour the mix into a diffuser and leave it on overnight. We grantee you that you’ll sleep like a baby that night!

2. Pine & Lemongrass Essential Oil For A Change In Air


A perfect scent combo to place in your kitchen. Especially when you’re cooking a meal using garlic, seafood and cumin. After cooking your food, switch on your diffuser and allow the scent to deodorize your kitchen.  

3. Sweet Marjoram & Orange Essential Oil For Happiness

When these two scents come together, magic happens! The scents these two essential oils give out will improve your mood and concentration.

4. Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oil For Concentration


If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate and study, you need rosemary and peppermint in your life asap. The scents help you to stay calm, focused and assertive.

5. Eucalyptus & Lavender Essential Oil For Better Breathing

Do you have a stuffy nose or a cold? If so, then eucalyptus and lavender essential oil will clear nasal and sinus congestion. Yes, you’ll be able to breathe and smell better thanks to these two essential oils. 

Each essential oil serves a purpose. Whether it’s getting better sleep at night or helping you stay focused while you work or study – essential oils are fantastic products of aromatherapy. 

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01 Aug 2020

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