13 *Erotic* E-books You Can Read On Your Phone!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Jul 2, 2017
13 *Erotic* E-books You Can Read On Your Phone!


It’s quite a task buying an erotica or getting it delivered to your house, what with all the stares we get if someone reads the name or sees the cover of the book. Even when there is nothing wrong with reading erotic novels, we often stop ourselves from reading one because of these silly reasons and have to do with reading mentally stimulating erotic quotes online. Same with erotic movies. However, now you can directly buy these erotic e-books on your phone and read them!

1. Wallbanger: The Cocktail Series


What do you do when your hot neighbour has way too much sex and you can hear it all through, well, the banging on the walls? That’s exactly what happens to Caroline Reynolds when Simon Parker moves in next door. When Caroline finally confronts him, sparks fly. Will she act on her impulses or let it go?

Price: ₹ 413. Buy it here.

2. On Dublin Street


What happens when Jocelyn Butler, a secretive woman with a past, moves into a new house and meets Braden Carmichael, a man desperate to get into her bed? They begin with a no strings attached relationship but that’s not enough for Braden, he now wants to know all her secrets. Will they fall in love…or will things take a turn for the worse?

Price: ₹ 268. Buy it here.

3. RoomHate


What will happen if you get to share a house with a hottie but he’s the hottie whose heart you broke as a teenager? And who now hates you! This book is full of sexy can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you romance that will have you going from the beginning to the end!

Price: ₹ 257. Buy it here.

4. Sweet Filthy Boy: The Wild Seasons Series


The point of flings is to have them and then forget all about them. But in a moment of weakness and adventure, Mia Holland decides to follow Ansel Guillaume to France (because you live only once, right?) However when things start to get real and they develop feelings for each other, both of them need to decide whether the life they’ve chosen is the one they can lead.

Price: ₹ 239. Buy it here.

5. Tangled


Drew Evans is the hot millionaire who can get any woman he wants, until he meets the only woman he can’t have. Katherine Brooks is ambitious and joins Drew’s father’s company. She is not just a professional threat to Drew but can also get his heart racing in an instant. How will Drew fight this temptation…or get Katherine to succumb to it?

Price: ₹ 388. Buy it here.

6. Joy Ride


A man meets his professional enemy, a woman and now they have to work together on the most important project of their life. Her hot and cold attitude, however, is very distracting for him until they sleep together. But you know what they say, right? Always keep business separate from pleasure. But what happens when pleasure turns into love?

Price: ₹ 248. Buy it here.

7. Easy Fortune: A Boudreaux Series Novella


Lena Turner is a strong independent woman who has built her small life in New Orleans. She likes things the way they are until her ex-lover, Mason Coulter, walks back into her life. Now they both must revisit the past they thought they had forgotten. It’s bound to be a sexy ride!

Price: ₹ 193. Buy it here.

8. Before I Ever Met You


Ever fantasized about someone you never should have thought about in the first place? I guess we all have. Just like the female protagonist of this book, Jackie. She meets William McAlister, her father’s friend, business partner and her new boss. Also the man who is 16 years older than Jackie. And she just can’t stop thinking about him…sexually! What begins is a humorous love affair!

Price: ₹ 256. Buy it here.

9. Hearts Aflame


If you like yourself a bit of historical Viking romance then this book is for you! Kristen is kidnapped by the Vikings and has to dress up as a boy to prevent any further harm but with the entry of Lord Royce she can’t help but fall in love… But Royce is a Viking himself! And you can’t fall in love with your captor, right? Or can you?

Price: ₹ 256. Buy it here.

10. Tropic Of Cancer


Erotica has a history of it’s own. And Henry Miller’s novel is one of those. Set in Paris in the 1930s, the novel is about a man who lives his nomadic life with prostitutes, artists and pimps. With great scenes of sex written in even better literature, Miller’s novel was banned in US and UK for more than thirty years when it first came out.

Price: ₹ 255. Buy it here.

11. The Sexual Life Of Catherine M.


This book by Catherine Millet is an account of her sexual awakening and it is something every girl should read. Catherine explains her sexual encounters in beautiful and super super sexy ways. You will find not just one but several experimental ways to be kinky. Not only will this book leave you wanting more, it will make a great addition to your library!

Price: ₹ 236. Buy it here.

12. House Of Holes


Imagine a fantasy land that you can enter through golf ground holes or laundromat dryers and all your sexual fantasies can come true there. Sounds exciting enough, right? Well, this is just the beginning. This surrealist book by Nicholson Baker has amusement park rides to give you sexual pleasure and so much more.

Price: ₹ 476. Buy it here.

13. Call Me By Your Name


This coming-of-age novel is about a sexy summer romance where a 17-year-old falls for a scholar who is visiting his parents. With the sun doing it’s job well and clothes that reveal more than they hide, their relationship begins and hot is only one way to describe it!

Price: ₹ 425. Buy it here.

Which one are you buying first?

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