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Guys Use These 11 Emojis In Their Texts. Here’s What They Mean!

Guys Use These 11 Emojis In Their Texts. Here’s What They Mean!

The texting stage of any modern relationship is also a testing one. It is possible to easily misinterpret things, and that can turn kind of ugly – depending on how both of you handle things. Emojis are the new way to easily express your feelings, but don’t we just sometimes stare at some emoticons guys use and wonder how the hell it fits into the current conversation? Let’s admit it, emojis are important to every conversation and we all take time to choose the right one – especially when talking to that special someone! But could they mean something other than what we want to believe?

Quit stressing, because we have a handy guide to decode the most popular emoticons guys use and what they mean!

1. The happy-happy face

1 emoticons guys use

This is a simple one. It says “Hey, I’m a happy person. I don’t take offence, I am fun and this conversation is so entertaining!”


The catch, however, is that since it is such a friendly emoticon, many people simply use it as a filler emoji instead of the flirting sign that it may look like!

2. The blushing face

2 emoticons guys use

Used mostly by the adorable guys when you give them a compliment or when they give you a compliment. This is their way of saying that they are C-U-T-E without actually saying it and our cue to go awww.

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3. The how you doin’ face

3 emoticons guys use

This is the face that all “Joeys” of our generation use. Since pick up lines are so overrated these days, they will add this smiley to a random conversation to let you know that they like what they see!

4. The slight tongue sticking out face

4 emoticons guys use

This one is used to test the waters. They will say something and add this emoji so they have the opportunity to say “Hey, I meant it just as a joke” – in case we take offence.


5. The sheepish grin

5 emoticons guys use

Guys generally use it when they have said something sweet and embarrassing and want us to know that they wouldn’t have said it to anyone else!

6. The devilish smile

6 emoticons guys use

This is used by the ones who have done this more than once. They know what they want and they think the bad boys get it faster. So they can say something sweet or something completely outrageous, but they will add this emoji so we know they are the badass kind.


7. The see-no-evil monkey

7 emoticons guys use

A guy uses this emoticon when he says something and he is not sure whether he should’ve said it to you! This is his way of saying “please be kind with your response because I am hiding my face like a monkey.” And if you feel sorry for the poor lad, it’s working.

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8. The angel baby

8 emoticons guys use


This emoji is used by those who believe the good guys get it all – and what better way to show he is good than sending an angel emoji?!

9. The heart eyes

9 emoticons guys use

This emoji was especially made for all the guys who wear their heart on their sleeve and aren’t too shy about it either. They love with all that they’ve got, and they tell you that after every DP change, status update… They want you to know you are perfect!

10. The “kewl” dude face

10 emoticons guys use


Guys use this emoji when they want to act like they are playing it cool – but in reality, they know exactly what they’re doing and all the right moves to pull off too.

11. The cute animal faces

11 emoticons guys use

Guys who use animal faces emoticons are really smart. They know women dig any sort of cuteness and they know a puppy sticking his tongue out will sell like hot cakes! Chances are, however, that they actually are pretty animal loving and that is absolutely adorbs!!

Images: Getemoji


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10 Aug 2016

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