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COVID-19, What’s That? Pictures From Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali Party & Some Very Imp Questions

COVID-19, What’s That? Pictures From Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali Party & Some Very Imp Questions

With the masks constantly on, social distancing being a necessity, and no grand taash parties to attend, it doesn’t really feel like Diwali this year, right? Well, a quick glance at the pictures from Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali party and it will surely feel festive to you. Seriously! With celebs making it to the party in their glam best and not a face mask in sight, it definitely feels like the good old days. Don’t trust us? Here see for yourself:

Karishma Tanna’s No Mask Look


Simply love that mauve lehenga, not gonna lie! From the mirror work accents to the plunging neckline, every single detail here is to die for. Also, let’s give it to Karishma for pairing her outfit with an emerald choker. A+ for styling. Umm, also for throwing care to reckless abandon!

An Important Question

Where is your mask babe?

Hina Khan’s Statement Jewels & How She Bid The Social Distancing Days A Goodbye


Looking absolutely festive in her powder blue silk suit and mojris, Hina for sure is giving us some serious Diwali vibes. Especially love how she has styled it with oxidised jewels! Speaking of jewels, we are surely reminded of all the jewel goals she gave us in the Bigg Boss 14 house. Also, correct us if we are wrong. Wasn’t she made to stay in a long-ass quarantine just to enter the house this time around?    

An Important Question


Should we consider the social distancing days behind us hon?

Mouni Roy’s Chic White Lehenga & Daredevil Attitude


Dressed in a quaint white lehenga that was panelled on the top and then dreamily ruffled at the bottom, Mouni Roy really did look like a diva at Ekta’s Diwali party. Also, something needs to be said about the whimsical fringes of her statement blouse and the OTT choker that complimented it really well. But you know what’s best here? Mouni’s daredevil attitude! Who’d say this was the same actress who was stranded in Dubai for weeks due to the pandemic situation?

An Important Question

Hey Mouni, should we consider the coronavirus done and dusted now?

Mrunal Thakur’s Sequined Saree & The Good Ol’ Days Vibe


Can we all please take a moment here and admire the grand, grand entry and all that superstar vibe? Also, totally bookmarking that ombre, sequinned saree, and the dual-toned silk blouse as the perfect part ensemble. Again just looking at that picture is transporting us to the good old pre-pandemic days.

An Important Question

Did we just travel back in time and the good old pre-pandemic era? 

Harleen Sethi’s Glossy Saree & The Solid Post-Pandemic Feels


Yet another ombre saree, tastefully doused in candy shades, and done in the smoothest of the satin silk: what’s not to like? That Harleen Sethi has totally aced Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali party in the style department is as obvious as it gets. She has clearly gotten it right. However, we aren’t really sure about the practicality department. 

A Important Question

How does it feel like to be back to a coronavirus-free world Harleen? 

Oh, and lastly, didn’t we just help you with the perfect non-pandemic Diwali vibes. Thank us later, fam. Happy Diwali to you all. Lastly, don’t be like these celebs, wear a mask and keep these WIPEOUT wipes handy to keep yourself well-protected this Diwali! 

Featured Image: Instagram 

13 Nov 2020

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