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Bigg Boss, Just Give The Crown To Eijaz ‘Coz This Biasness Is Getting Annoying

Bigg Boss, Just Give The Crown To Eijaz ‘Coz This Biasness Is Getting Annoying

Eijaz industry ke bahut senior and respected artist hain’ (Eijaz is a very senior and respected artist of the television industry)

‘Eijaz ka 2000s mein kya rutba tha!’ (Eijaz had such an impressive status in the industry back in the 2000s!). 

Ever since Bigg Boss 14 started, we have heard these lines about Eijaz Khan time and again. And honestly, we do get it but now we are bored! Bigg Boss fans have seen some really big stars in the previous seasons. But if we remember correctly, a lot of them didn’t win because fans vote according to what and how they see them inside the house. 

However, Salman Khan and the guests who have been coming to the house seem to be forgetting this important fact. It wouldn’t be wrong to say they are offering full support to Eijaz despite his irrational behaviour. And all this was quite evident in last night’s episode.


Quick Recap

In the last episode of Bigg Boss, three guests entered the house as ‘judges’ to give a hard time to the contestant. They were – director Farah Khan, journalists Amith Tyagi and Charrul Malik. While their job was to band bajao of the contestants, Farah seemed exceptionally in favour of Eijaz throughout the episode. 

The Good Boy Image by Farah Khan

As soon as Eijaz started keeping his point, Farah Khan came to his defense. ‘Eijaz kabhi back-bitching nahi karta’ (Eijaz never does back-bitching of anyone). But, as far as our memory serves us right, it was Eijaz who was talking about Rubina Dilaik after their fight and said that he does not think that she deserves his respect. In fact, he has talked about other contestants as well. Eijaz is no exception. 

‘Pavitra, Tone Down To Eijaz’s Level’

Obviously, because the judges were questioning Eijaz, they had to bring up the relationship he shares with Pavitra Punia. Eijaz and Pavitra have been the talk of the house from the very start. Pavitra showed interest in her Khan saab but more often than not, the interest was not reciprocated. Eijaz clearly mentioned that he is neither ready nor interested in any relationship with Pavitra. Their OTT aggressive fights rarely made any sense to the audience and the set-up date looked more staged than ever.

However, it was quite interesting to see that Farah Khan quickly gave the verdict that despite everything, their relationship is absolutely authentic. In fact, Farah asked Pavitra to tone down like Eijaz. “Ek kaam kar tu (Pavitra) thoda tone down kar and iske (Eijaz) tone pe aa ja, 1-2 din, 1-2 ghante try kar” (do one thing and tone down a little, come down to Eijaz’s tone and try it for a few days or hours),” she said.

Well, we aren’t saying that Pavitra has been doing everything right, but to think that she is the only one who’s been aggressive or loud one is absolutely absurd. In fact, to openly ask them to get together to ‘survive easily in the game’ is downright the most biased thing we have heard so far! 


Respect Is A Two-Way Street

Farah mentioned that the audience is tired of hearing from the gharwalas that they ‘respect’ Eijaz and later insult him. She said Eijaz has been extremely patient with everyone on the show and that it is ‘ageism’ that she is seeing in the game.

So dear Farah, here’s the simple rule – respect is always a two-way street. One needs to give respect to earn it. And we have seen how Eijaz behaves with the rest of the gharwalas. During his captaincy, Eijaz behaved more like a dictator than a captain and was called out for the same. Here’s what one of the Toofani seniors, Gauahar Khan, tweeted about his captaincy.

Here’s how Twitterati are reacting:

In fact, Eijaz ordering Jaan Kumat to lick a toilet seat and put his hand inside it is quite questionable when it comes to ‘respectful’ acts even though he is ‘just playing the game’. 

Give It Back

Farah asked Eijaz to give it back whenever he faces any attack (even humorously) by his fellow contestants like Jasmin Bhasin. Okay, we just have one question – when has Eijaz not given it back? What is this show and which show is it where Eijaz is silently taking every attack coming towards him? Because in the Bigg Boss house we are watching Eijaz react aggressively even when it’s not required and justifying it with ‘main aisa hi hoon’ (‘I’m like this only’)! Here’s what the netizens are say about the last night’s episode:

So, here’s what we feel about this biased portrayal: “na sirf ashobhniye hai, balki nindeniye bhi hain.”

10 Nov 2020

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