Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Na: Are Pavitra Punia And Eijaz Khan The Sidnaaz Of Bigg Boss 14?

Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Na: Are Pavitra Punia And Eijaz Khan The Sidnaaz Of Bigg Boss 14?

We were betting big on Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan as the next Bigg Boss romance soon after the first week of season 14. The camaraderie looked great, the bond strong, and the understanding pretty sorted. However, soon enough Eijaz declared that he doesn't give a damn about their friendship. Things got worse when the two got into a screaming match after a heated disagreement during the first captaincy round. That was also the moment when we kinda gave up on the couple. 

However, they seem to have taken a complete 180 in the recent episodes and the two were seen getting pretty chummy during the latest captaincy tasks. In fact, Eijaz was seen fondly kissing Pavitra right in the middle of the task. And as confused as we are we also have a hunch for what exactly might be going on between the two. Basically, from where we see it, the two seem to be on the #SidNaaz path. In other words, we think that Pavitra and Eijaz are the #SidNaaz of Bigg Boss 14. Here's why:


Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Na

Watching Eijaz kissing Pavitra in the recent Bigg Boss episode was definitely something given that the two got into a scary screaming match just two days ago. However, that had been pretty much their equation in the past month as two have been in a constant “kabhi haan, kabhi na” mode all this while. If you remember (those who watched Bigg Boss 13 definitely do) this was also the scene with #SidNaaz where they constantly kept fighting and making up in the last season. 

Cent Percent Toxic

Eijaz and Pavitra had their first misunderstanding right after she decided to name him in the very first nominations just out of the blue. In the same episode, Pavitra was seen trying to make up with Eijaz. She profusely apologised, kept following him even when he was acting (with special focus on the word “acting”) like he wasn’t interested. She said, “Gaali deni hai gaali dedo. Thappad marna hai thappad maar lo. Kar lena merko bhi nominate. Bhadas nikal lena” and gave us some serious deja vu feels. 


All That Jealousy

But why did Pavitra decide to suddenly nominate Eijaz when everything seemed to be going all right between the two. Well, she accused him of suddenly getting distant and then later openly said that she was getting jealous. “I got jealous. Bade kapde de rahe the na ladkiyon ko,” she said. Now, we don’t know about you but we can definitely hear Shehnaaz Gill saying “jealous-joolus” in her Punjabi accent.  


The 'Tu Mera Hai Aur Mera Hi Rahega' Vibe

In one of the Bigg Boss 14 episodes, Pavitra was seen telling Eijaz that she will do all the cooking for him from now on. That’s sweet. But why exactly. This is what she had to say next, “Kyunki ab main aapka peecha toh chorne se rahi.” Woah, Pavitra! We know #SidNaaz fans would associate and can totally think of Shehnaaz’s “Tu mera hai aur mera hi rahega" dialogue when she got all territorial about Sidharth. 

Emotional Outbursts

Be it their fights or friendly moments, emotions are always soaring high when it comes to all of Eijaz and Pavitra’s interactions. Their screaming match during the first captaincy task is proof enough. Also, remember when Eijaz got crazy mad at Pavitra for nominating him? Well, at that moment he totally looked like Sidharth Shukla trying to throw some shade at Shehnaaz every time she got too friendly with any other man in the house. Also, how can we forget about the time when Pavitra got really emotional about Eijaz, accepted that she got really attached to him, and shared that she has been scared of losing him? NM, just basic #SidnNaaz errr #Pavaj stuff.   

Are we thinking too much into it or do you also feel that Pavitra and Eijaz are totally the Sidnaaz of Bigg Boss 14?

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