Doubly Duty Foods: Here’s How Avocados Are High On Taste And Glow!

Manavi SiddhantiManavi Siddhanti  |  Dec 12, 2017
Doubly Duty Foods: Here’s How Avocados Are High On Taste And Glow!

You can put it on your toast, make a dip or have it with a spoon: avocados are a boon for your health and your skin. And this is why avocados are great to eat and apply.

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Eat It: Get Clear Skin With This Power Food

“Avocados are rich in hydrating fats, monounsaturated fatty acids (better known as MUFAs) and Vitamins A & E that are skin-friendly ingredients,” explains Delhi-based nutritionist Ishi Khosla. Since an avocado has about 250 calories, it’s best not to eat more than half an avocado a day.  

Apart from eating it whole, you can also add it to your diet as a juice or a smoothie. Take half an avocado (mashed) and add it to half cup pineapple juice and 1 cup coconut water. Blend and drink up for an instant boost of moisture and antioxidants.

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Apply It: Our Favourite Avocado Face Masks Revealed!

This miracle fruit is also the highlight of many face masks. Here are a few we have tried:

Avocado-Lemon-Turmeric Mask

The lemon works as a lightening agent while turmeric works as a superfood as well as an antiseptic. Not only does the avocado help you feel fresh on drab days but also works on reducing the appearance of the various signs of ageing.

What You Need

1 ripe avocado

3-4 tablespoons cold yoghurt

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Pinch of turmeric

Vitamin E oil, optional


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Use a fork make it into a smooth paste.

Apply a thick layer on the face and leave it on for about 20- 30 minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm water.

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Honey-Oatmeal-Avocado Mask

Thanks to the Omega-9 that is present in avocados (that’s how we get cold pressed avocado oil), the mask is perfect for someone with extremely dry skin. It even works for people suffering from psoriasis or even eczema.

What You Need

1/2 avocado

¼ cup oatmeal

1 tablespoon of honey, preferably manuka honey


Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

Once you get a medium-thick consistency, apply it on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

Rinse using lots of cold water.

Avocado-Egg-Banana Mask

This one is a go-to mask when you want glowing skin before heading to a party but don’t have the time for a facial. While eggs help brighten and tighten skin, banana helps lighten blemishes.

What You Need

½ banana, mashed

½ avocado, mashed

1 egg, whole


Puree all of the ingredients.

Apply with a brush and keep it on for at least 15-20 minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm and then cold water.

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