10 Homemade Tan Removal Face Masks For That Healthy Glow!

10 Homemade Tan Removal Face Masks For That Healthy Glow!

Just got back from a vacation? We bet you must have had a ball! (After all, the tan says it all! *Wink*) Before you book an appointment at the salon, we suggest that you use the ingredients in your kitchen to make an tan removal face mask first! These babies will not only get rid of that annoying tan, but will also make your skin smooth and feel baby soft. Ready to give them a shot? Awesome! 

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10 Homemade Face Masks For Glowing skin

1. Oatmeal & Buttermilk Make A Good Team!

When oatmeal is used as a beauty ingredient in a homemade face mask, it acts like a natural skin exfoliator (perfect for detanning!). Buttermilk on the other hand, helps moisturize and nourish skin. The mask will help brighten skin and remove blackheads and dead skin cells.

Step 1: In a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 3 tablespoons of buttermilk.

Step 2: Drizzle some honey over the mix.

Step 3: Apply the mask to your face and gently rub in circular motions.  

Step 4: Leave it on for 30-40 minutes.

Step 5: Wash your face with chilled water after.

How often should you do this? Once a week.

2. Orange Peel Powder & Milk To The Rescue

2 homemade face packs

As you know, milk does moisturize your skin and makes it supple and soft if used as a facemask. Packed with vitamin E, orange peel powder brightens skin tone and improves complexion too.

Step 1: Crush some dried orange peels until you’re left with the powder.

Step 2: Pour 2 tablespoons of milk into a small container.

Step 3: Add the powder to the milk and mix it to form a paste.

Step 4: Use your fingertips to apply it to your face and wait for the paste to harden...

Step 5: Once that happens, use a warm, damp towel to wipe off the mask.

How often should you do this? Twice a week.

3. Papaya & Honey LOVE Your Skin

Believe it or not, but raw papaya pulp contains enzymes which are experts at removing a suntan and giving your skin a nourishing glow. Since honey is the second ingredient in the mask, your skin is kept safe from bacteria and germs at all times.

Step 1: Take a fresh papaya and dice it into fine pieces.

Step 2: Using the back end of the spoon to mash it up.

Step 3: Empty the pulp into a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of honey.

Step 4: Just before you go to bed, rub it on your face.

Step 5: Wash it off after 15-20 minutes using mild soap and lukewarm water.

How often should you do this? Thrice a month.

4. Pineapple Juice For The Win

4 homemade face packs

We bet you didn’t know that pineapple is packed with vitamin C which is delicious for your skin. In fact, this tropical fruit is so awesome that it removes dead skin cells and slows down any early signs of aging too.

Step 1: In a mixer, toss a few pineapple pieces and blend.

Step 2: Pour the juice into a container.

Step 3: Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and give it a good stir

Step 4: Gently apply it to your face and leave it on till your face becomes sticky.

Step 5: First, use a damp towel to wipe the mask off and then wash your face with cold water.

How often should you do this? Twice a week for 3 weeks.

5. Multani Mitti Is A Pro

While trying other home remedies to detan your skin, you should totally give multani mitti a shot because it’s simply amazing at getting rid of a tan. While it absorbs impurities from your skin pores, it also improves your body’s blood circulation. Plus, the mask makes your skin feel cool and relaxed.

Step 1: In a plastic container, pour half a cup of tomato juice.

Step 2: Then, add 2 tablespoons of multani mitti and few drops of rose water.

Step 3: Use a spoon to blend all the ingredients.

Step 4: Apply the thick mask to your face and neck.

Step 5: Only after 15 minutes can you wash it off.

How often should you do this? Every alternate day for a week.

6. The Goodness Of Cucumber Juice

6 homemade face packs

Tanned skin can also be prone to sunburns and rashes. In order to tackle the issue in the most natural way possible, make the best use of cucumber juice. It acts as a cooling agent and takes care of dull, blemished skin like a boss!

Step 1: Peel 1 cucumber and mash it up to get the pulp.

Step 2: Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the pulp.

Step 3: Use your finger to blend both ingredients

Step 4: Rub the cool natural mask all over your neck and face.

Step 5: After an hour or more, you can wash it off with plain tap water.

How often should you do this? Twice every week.

7. Befriend The Tomato!

Ladies, if you have tanned skin, you must try using a tomato mask. It’s one of the best home remedies for skin simply because it reduces oiliness and works as a natural skin toner to minimize the size of your pores.

Step 1: Slice 2 tomatoes into fine pieces.

Step 2: Mash them up till you have a pulpy paste.

Step 3: Apply directly to tanned skin.

Step 4: In about 10 minutes, you’ll notice that the mask begins to harden.

Step 5: Use a soaked sponge to wash the mask from your face.

How often should you do this? Four times a month.

8. Lemon & Aloe Vera Make A Good Combo

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Aloe gel is known for benefiting skin in many ways. When it comes to detanning, this transparent gel is the best at it. Containing many minerals and vitamins, your skin is going to be in for a treat!

Step 1: Scoop out the gel from one aloe vera leaf.

Step 2: Add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Step 3: Apply the citrus gel to your face and neck.

Step 4: Allow it to soak into your skin for a good 30 minutes.

Step 5: Use lukewarm water to wash your face.

How often should you do this? Five times a month.

9. Potato Pulp Wants To Be Your BFF

Move on from potato chips, and befriend the pulp instead. A single potato is rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals. Not to mention that it contains vitamin C which helps brighten skin naturally.

Step 1: Use a grinder to extract the juice of 1 potato

Step 2: Pour the juice into a cup and add a couple of lemon drops to the juice.

Step 3: Stir well and apply it to your face.

Step 4: For 30-40 minutes, do not touch your face

Step 5: Wash it off with chilled water after.

How often should you do this? Twice a week.

10. Yummy Strawberries & Cream

10 homemade face packs

We have to warn you, this homemade face mask may tempt you into eat it! Containing strawberries and fresh cream, your skin will love every bit of it! Strawberries have skin brightening properties and help keep the wrinkles, freckles and dark spots at bay. If that’s not convincing enough, you have to hear about milk cream! Keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized and nourished, you’ll have clear, glowing skin in no time!

Step 1: You can grind or mash 4 juicy strawberries.

Step 2: Scoop the jam-like paste out and apply it to your face.

Step 3: After applying the first layer of face mask, add a coat of fresh cream

Step 4: Leave it for 45 minutes until the mask hardens

Step 5: Rinse off with regular water.

How often should you do this? Once a week.

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