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How To Fix A Stuck Zipper (Plus Other Awesome Hacks!)

How To Fix A Stuck Zipper (Plus Other Awesome Hacks!)

POPxo presents yet another awesome range of fashion hacks to make your life simple. These easy tips to try at home can make dressing up so smooth without having to worry about getting things fixed all the time. So read on to see what these amazing 5 fashion hacks are!

Difficulty Level: As easy as making chai!

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Hack #1: Clean Up

We love our white sneakers, but the problem with them is that they get dirty so quickly! So this is what you need to do when your favorite pair gets run down. Clean up with an old toothbrush and whitening toothpaste!

What you need: Old toothbrush, whitening toothpaste, wet wipes, water

Step 1: Apply toothpaste on the toothbrush, but don’t use too much of the paste, wipe it away!

Step 2: Dip it in a bowl of water to get it slightly wet.

Step 3: Use the brush to go round and round around the areas that are dirty.  

Step 4: After you’ve brushed it all around, use the wet wipe to remove the toothpaste easily.

Step 5: Your shoes are going to look brand new!

Hack #2: Shave On

When your favorite sweater starts getting a fuzz on the surface and it looks a bit worn out, the easiest thing to do is Shave on it! Read how.

What you need: A ladies’ razor

Step 1: Lay the sweater on a flat surface

Step 2: Be gentle, while you are shaving in one direction, slowly you notice that the fuzz is coming off.

Step 3: It doesn’t take long and your sweater will look brand new!

Hack #3: Upcycle

Take an old sweater that you no longer use, cut out the sleeves and wear them as leg warmers, this winter!

What you need: A pair of scissors, an old sweater

Step 1: Cut out the sleeves from either of the sides of the fitted full sleeves sweater.

Step 2: Wear them around your calves

Step 3: Roll it up a bit from the top to hide away frayed edges, and pair them with boots, perfect for this winter!

Hack #4: Single Earring

Losing one earring is painful, right? Make the best of the situation by using the other earring as a brooch.

What you need: A collared shirt, a clip or a safety pin

Step 1: Just clip the earring to the collar of the shirt or a jacket pocket.

Step 2: The earring in the centre of the shirt dangling looks super cute! And you have a fancy shirt ready.

Hack #5: Zip It Up!

What do you do when your pant zipper gets stuck? Read on to find out!

What you need: A pencil

Step 1: Use the pencil to smoothen the side of the zipper, rub it all around the zipper.

Step 2: Now, try zipping the pants! Voila! It works like magic!

These are our favorite fashion hacks for this time, keep coming back to find out about some more cool hacks!

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05 May 2016

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