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What To Do First Thing In The Morning For Glowing Skin ALL Day!

What To Do First Thing In The Morning For Glowing Skin ALL Day!

Most of us girls aim to step out for the day looking dewy fresh with our skin glowing and hair on point. But looking just as good as we’ve braved the sun, pollution and stress at office or college are quite challenging. So here are a few things you should do as part of your morning beauty regimen to make your skin glow through the day…

1. Lemon water and honey

1 early morning beauty habits

This is not only a great way to detox but also a way to shed some kilos. Lukewarm water with lemon and honey is the way to start your day as it removes all the toxins in your body and hydrates your skin. The Vitamin C from the lemon is bound to give you that glowy face.

2. Ice pack

Icing your face in the morning helps you feel fresh and removes the puffiness from under your eyes and from your face in general. Rubbing ice in a circular motion all around your face will give you an even toned look, and is a great way to close those open pores.


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3. The cardio glow

3 early morning beauty habits

Nothing like the glow you get from sweating it out early morning. It could be a run in the neighbourhood park or a quick workout at the gym. This will leave you feeling fresh and do wonders for your skin!

4. Warm water bath

A calming warm water bath goes a long way. If you have oily skin, go for a gel-based body and face soap, and if you have dry skin, you can use a mild moisturizing soap. The warm water shower is believed to help you get rid of the bacteria that accumulates on the skin due to pollution and sweat. Besides, it leaves you refreshed and ready to take on the world!


5. Natural face-packs and toners

5 early morning beauty habits

Applying papaya shreds or a tomato and milk pack for 5 minutes before your shower is really healthy for the skin. This acts as a toner and moisturizer that gives you a long-lasting glow!

6. Must moisturize

Moisturizing well before you step out of your house is a must. Dry skin tends to look flaky and uneven and causes wrinkles in the long run. Moisturizing on a daily basis is essential for gorgeous skin.

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7. Healthy breakfast

7 early morning beauty habits

They say you should eat breakfast like a king! Starting your day with a wholesome breakfast gets you through the day feeling and looking fit and fresh. Eggs are a good option since they are a fabulous source of protein, and some oranges or any citrus fruits will give your skin that healthy shine. These nutrients also raise your physical energy levels.

8. Sunscreen saga

This is one part of your beauty regime that you must follow at all times of the day. Sunscreen protects you from any sort of skin damage caused by the sun and ensures good health of your skin. And healthy skin means glowing skin, ladies!

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22 Jul 2016

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