Dumpling Skin Is The New ‘It’ Trend & Here’s How You Can Get The Look

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Jul 4, 2021
Dumpling Skin Is The New ‘It’ Trend & Here’s How You Can Get The Look


Chances are when you look for the term ‘dumpling skin’ you’ll find loads of YouTube tutorials on how to roll out thin and yummy dumpling coverings and not a beauty trend. But actually, it’s the hottest K-beauty fad going around right now. It’s all about having clear, irirdscent skin that glows to the Gods and we’re going to show you how to achieve it.

What Is Dumpling Skin?

The credits for this trend go to beauty guru, Nam Vo and it’s basically about making your skin look plump, dewy and super hydrated. Just search for the hashtag #dewydumplings and you’ll realise how popular it has become.

How Can You Achieve This Dewy, Glowy Look? We Spill The Tea.

As Always, Start Off With Skincare

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a hundred million times, if you take time with your skincare routine, your makeup will sit better on your skin. Vo says that she first steams her face, then uses an LED mask and massages antioxidant-rich serums into her skin. Then she uses her trusty jade roller on the skin and loads up on moisturiser.

Blend That Base

Nothing too heavy for your glow-up, just start with a primer and then move onto using some concealer and a luminous foundation on the spots that you want coverage and blend it in with a sponge to keep the base minimal and let the skin peek through.

Get Glowing

The trick is not to use any powder and not set the base but go in with a highlighter on wet and moist skin. This is what will give it that really bright and beaming effect. You’ve gotta also layer one on top of the other so start with a cream or liquid one and then top it off with a powder.

Yes, we agree that this trend may not work for Indian climates as you’ll probably end up looking like a grease machine if you don’t set at least your T-zone so, we suggest you use the slightest amount of translucent powder on your nose, chin and forehead area and keep the oiliness at bay. 

Now that you’ve understood how to achieve this, we’re sure going to hop on this dripping and dewy skin trend.