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15 Dreadlock Hairstyles That Are Just Too Cool For School!

15 Dreadlock Hairstyles That Are Just Too Cool For School!

Dreadlocks look so stunning all by themselves, you’d think there’s no further need to style them up! While yes, having dreadlocks makes it easier to do away with everyday styling, you can still choose to try out some fun, cute hairdos that can take your #manegame to a whole new level. If you have been searching for some jaw-droppingly gorgeous dreadlock hairstyles for women, look no further. We have compiled some of the best dreadlock hairstyles for ladies that are fun and easy to make!

Best Dreadlock Hairstyles For Ladies 

Looking to style your locks, but clueless how to? Check out these dreadlock hairstyles that you can easily try on your own. The best part? It won’t take more than a few minutes! 

Tied Up Dreadlocks

Tied Up Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– Tied Up Dreadlock Hairstyles

This is one of the simplest dreadlock hairstyles that you can try to ensure your hair stay off your face. All you have to do is securely wrap a spiral tie around your dreads. That’s it! 

Peek-a-boo Dreadlock Bun

If you don’t wish to dreadlock all your hair, you can simply choose to get some sections at the back bottom of your head, and then tie them up into a bun as shown in the video. The beauty of this dreadlock hairstyle is that the dreadlocks won’t be visible if you leave your hair open, but can be flaunted when you wish to by tying a bun. 

Partial Dreadlocks With Half Top Knot

Peek-a-boo Dreadlock Bun
Instagram– Peek-a-boo Dreadlock Bun

Reveal your partial dreadlocks by tying a half-up top knot. This dreadlock hairstyle for females is cool, chic and casual! A half top knot also makes for an amazing hairstyle for jeans, and gives an effortless yet stylish look. 

Dread Bun

Dread Bun Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– Dread Bun Dreadlock Hairstyles

Looking for a fuss-free dreadlock hairstyle? You can simply pull all your hair back and tie them up in a bun! It gives a volumized look, and can help keep your dreadlocks off the face. 

Dreadlocks Fishtail

Dreadlocks Fishtail
Instagram– Dreadlocks Fishtail

Just because you have dreadlocks doesn’t mean you have to bid goodbye to braids and other girly hairdos! Braids with dreadlocks look gorgeous and neat, and can be done quicker on hair with dreads than on normal hair.

Loose Braid

Loose Braid Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– Loose Braid Dreadlock Hairstyles

Don’t like the look of a fishtail braid? You can try a loose braid like this instead! This dreadlock hairstyle is easy to pull off, and looks amazing. 

Two Lock’d Ponytails 

Two Loc’d Ponytails Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– Two Loc’d Ponytails Dreadlock Hairstyles

Pigtails have a youthful appeal, and can instantly make you look younger. This dreadlock hairstyle is no different! It’s cool, chic and quirky- what’s not to love? 

Half-Up Side Parted Hair

Half-Up Side Parted Hair Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– Half-Up Side Parted Hair Dreadlock Hairstyles

This dreadlock hairstyle isn’t complicated or fancy, but has a feminine appeal that makes it look gorgeous! It’s a pretty hairdo that doesn’t require you to spend hours, and all you need to do is secure a few locks behind your ear using hairpins. 

Dreadlocks With Fringes

Dreadlocks With Fringes
Instagram– Dreadlocks With Fringes

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’s Sonu aka Nidhi Bhanushali knows how to ace dreadlock hairstyles! We’re loving this look with fringes and the use of a broad headband to pull the rest of the hair behind. 

Wrap Around High Ponytail

Wrap Around High Ponytail Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– Wrap Around High Ponytail Dreadlock Hairstyles

Wrap around high ponytails look stylish, chic and can add to the height of the ponytail, taking it up a notch. This dreadlock hairstyle for ladies is fuss-free, and works well on those with long, thick dreadlocks. 

Knotted Hairstyle With Partial Dreadlocks

Knotted Hairstyle With Partial Dreadlocks
Instagram– Knotted Hairstyle With Partial Dreadlocks

Here’s another dreadlock hairstyle that you can opt for if you have peek-a-boo locks or partial locks at the back bottom of your head. Simply take one or two locks from each side, and tie them together in a loose knot or secure using hairpins. 

Space Buns

Space Buns Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– Space Buns Dreadlock Hairstyles

Lizzo shelled out major dreadlock hairstyle inspiration as she wrapped her dreadlocks into the cutest half space buns on top of her head. Don’t worry if you have short hair as space buns make for a stunning shoulder length hairstyle too!  

High Ponytail

High Ponytail Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– High Ponytail Dreadlock Hairstyles

High ponytails make for amazing dreadlock hairstyles for females, mainly because the locks cascade down beautifully, and give a voluminous look. It’s cool, it’s edgy and oh-so-gorgeous! You can also choose to leave out a few strands to give a messy, unkempt look.

Three Knot Bun

Three Knot Bun Dreaklock Hairstyle
Instagram– Three Knot Bun Dreaklock Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a fuss-free, simple dreadlock hairstyle for long hair, this one is a great option! The three knot bun is the perfect hairstyle during warm weather when you can’t deal with open hair. Check out the video to find out how to ace this hairstyle.

Fringes And Space Buns

Fringes And Space Buns Dreadlock Hairstyles
Instagram– Fringes And Space Buns Dreadlock Hairstyles

We’re absolutely loving this short dreadlock hairstyle with space buns and fringes! Space buns look neat, yet ultra-trendy and can transform your look. 

Which of these dreadlock hairstyles was your favourite?

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Featured Image: Nidhi Bhanushali on Instagram

05 Jul 2022

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