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10 Dos & Don’ts Of A *New* Relationship EVERY Girl Should Know!

10 Dos & Don’ts Of A *New* Relationship EVERY Girl Should Know!

A new relationship is exciting! It’s a phase where both of you are testing the waters. There’s an instant attraction and both of you will do whatever it takes to keep the fire alive. This is a new chapter of your life and the aim is to keep things cool and take it slow and smooth. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts of a new relationship EVERY girl should know.

1. Do: Give him his space

No matter how bad you want to hear from him, you need to give him his space. Allow him to do his own thing once in a while. He lives a busy life too and you should respect and value his time. And girls, you know what they say, right? Distance makes the heart grow fonder!

2. Don’t: Go overboard with PDA

You may be gaga over him, but it’s important to know where to draw a line. A quick peck and a bear hug are acceptable, but locking lips and touching each other in public may be a little embarrassing. Save your steamy makeout session for the bedroom, we say!

2 dos and donts of a new relationship


3. Do: Forge friendship with his friends

Make an effort to get to know his friends. Even though you may not click with them, it’s important to make an effort. For a guy, his friends are his world! They’re his squad and it would mean the world to him to see the love of his life gel with his besties.

4. Don’t: Forget your own friends

In the beginning of a new relationship you may feel like spending every minute with your guy. While it’s nice to shower him with attention, don’t forget your friends in the process! Try to find a balance between your friends and your relationship. The last thing you want to do is make your friends feel left out when they had your back all along.

4 dos and donts of a new relationship

5. Do: Be his cheerleader

Motivate and inspire your guy to chase his dreams! Believe in him and tell him every day that he’s doing great so far. Everyone needs someone to have their back, you’ve got to be his cheerleader in his darkest days too.


6. Don’t: Kiss and tell

Your relationship is a personal affair. What happens between the sheets stays in the bedroom. It’s no one’s business to know about your relationship’s intimate details. This isn’t just disrespectful to your partner but also unnecessary. Your life doesn’t have to be an open book to anyone and everyone.

6 dos and donts of a new relationship

7. Do: Speak what’s on your mind

If you aren’t comfortable with something, speak up about it. Communication is the key to every successful relationship. Tell him what’s bothering you and clear the air then and there. Don’t allow any negative thoughts to influence your behaviour or affect your relationship.

8. Don’t: Play mind games

Girls, he’s not a mind reader. He’s a human being just like you. Don’t play hard to get, not respond to texts or have him guess your next move… He’ll eventually get bored and call it quits. Be yourself and play fair. He’ll respect your views and love you for them.


8 dos and donts of a new relationship

9. Do: Be completely transparent

If you want him to trust you, you’ve got to put all your cards on the table. Honesty and trust go hand in hand. Only if you are honest with him will he be able to trust you completely and there will never be a situation of doubt in the future.

10. Don’t: Compare your new relationship to your old one

No two relationships are alike. In fact, they’re different and come with their own share of pros and cons. Give your new relationship a chance and accept him for the way he is and not the way you would like him to be. Good luck!

10 dos and donts of a new relationship


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29 Mar 2017

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