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12 Dos & Don’ts To Keep Your Skin *Glowing* – Always!

12 Dos & Don’ts To Keep Your Skin *Glowing* – Always!

To put it across very bluntly, you’re either blessed with good genes thanks to which you have flawless, baby soft skin, or you aren’t born with it so you’ve got to follow some effective beauty tips for glowing skin. Ladies, whatever category you fall under, these beauty tips will help you have flawless, glowing skin at all times, come what may. Presenting, the essential dos and don’ts for glowing skin. You’ll be amazed at how helpful they are!


1. Go au naturale

dos - 1 dos and donts for glowing skin

Nothing like natural cleansers like besan or aloe vera, ladies. Using ingredients from your kitchen actually work better on your skin than any store-bought products. Try it ladies, and watch your skin glow like never before.

2. Drink plenty of water

Ladies, we cannot stress enough on the importance of this. Drinking plenty of water benefits your skin like nothing else. Apart from hydrating your skin instantly, it also plumps it up and gives it a smooth, glowy finish.

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3. Wear sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY

dos - 3 dos and donts for glowing skin

Whether it is a sunny day or not, wear sunscreen every day, come what may! This will ensure you get no dull or dark spots on your face and protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This will also slower the ageing process of your skin. Wear this product daily, and say hello to gorgeous, youthful skin forever, ladies.

4. Cardio sessions

Oh the glow that you get after a fun cardio session! Sweating it out releases toxins from your body and perks you skin right up. Running on the treadmill is a good enough option, but if you have a park or a green, outdoors area nearby, head out there for a jog, we say. The fresh air and the sweating will work wonders!

5. Use a face cleanser according to your skin type

dos - 5 dos and donts for glowing skin

Ladies, there are umpteen products in the market that suit different skin types. The first step here is to identify your skin type, and then go for a facial cleanser that is suited to it. Using the wrong kind of face wash is actually doing you more harm than good. Girl with sensitive skin should be extra particular about the products and ingredients they use on their skin.

6. Exfoliate

Many of us are out all day and have our skin come in contact with pollution and the sun’s rays for long periods of time. This causes skin damage and a layer of dead skin forms on our faces quicker than we can imagine, which can be why your skin looks so dull. To keep your skin healthy, and blemish-free, exfoliate your face once a week. Use any natural or store-bought exfoliator and massage it on your face in a circular motion. This will remove dead skin from your face and cleanse your pores thoroughly. Say hello to healthy, happy, shiny skin, ladies.


1. Use multiple products

donts - 1 dos and donts for glowing skin

As much as beauty advertisements and product reviews excite you, using product after product on your face is a big no! At the end of the day, all of these product come with certain chemicals and preservatives in them. Moderate use of some products is beneficial, but using scores of beauty creams and serums isn’t advisable, ladies.

2. Keep touching your face

Most of us have a habit to go on touching our face. Be it due to stress or just something that comes to us naturally – this is one thing that’s got to stop. Our hands gather way too much bacteria from our phones and laptops, and touching our face transfers that to our skin which in turn, irritates the skin. This leads to acne and rashes more often than not.

3. Pick black and whiteheads with your fingers

donts - 3 dos and donts for glowing skin

Come what may, keep your hands off your face, ladies. We all feel tempted to quickly squeeze out that pimple or blackhead on our face knowing fully well that that will cause it to flare up further and leave a permanent mark, perhaps.

4. Use too many store-bought face packs

As mentioned above, using natural face packs work like magic, ladies. Multiple products available in the market claim to have a mix of some awesome ingredients. We suggest, you get home the very same ingredients and make the pack yourself. Your skin is bound to glow after just one application of such a pack!

5. Smoke

donts - 5 dos and donts for glowing skin

Want healthy, plumpy, awesome skin? Put out that cigarette, ladies. This habit can cause dehydration of the skin that leads to wrinkles and dullness too. You’ve got to quit to see the difference.

6. Wash your face often

Contrary to popular belief, washing your face multiple times in order to keep it squeaky clean at all times, is a bad idea. The facial cleanser applied on your face, again and again, will strip your skin’s natural oils and moisture, and in the long run, this will make it look dull and dry. For those with oily skin, excess face washing can eventually lead to even more oil build-up on it. Washing your face 2 to three times a day is enough.

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12 Jan 2017

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