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9 Natural and Amazing Face Cleansers That Will Make Your Skin Glow!

9 Natural and Amazing Face Cleansers That Will Make Your Skin Glow!

A lot of face cleansers in the market today are full of chemicals and emulsifiers that may be doing your skin more harm than good. If you are looking for gentler and more natural alternatives, this is the list for you! These natural face cleansers are excellent for your skin, not to mention extremely inexpensive and easily available. So say Hello to happy skin with these natural face washes!

Natural Face Cleanser 1. Crazy about coconut oil

Is there anything that this miracle natural face wash can’t do? Coconut oil is a natural face cleanser and an excellent way to keep your skin moisturized. Use a little bit of coconut oil to gently massage your face for about one minute and then use a warm damp towel to remove the oil. Do this every day to get glowy, supple skin!

Natural Face Cleanser 2. Yogurt for youthful skin

2 natural face cleansers Did you know how good yogurt is for your skin? It contains lactic acid and proteins to keep your skin glowing. The lactic acid helps to get rid of dead skin cells naturally and the proteins help in tightening pores and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So every morning or evening, use some yogurt on your face to keep your skin youthful with this best natural face cleanser.

Natural Face Cleanser 3. Almonds and milk for dry skin

Make your own all-natural face wash by grinding almonds into a fine powder and mixing the powder with milk or cream. This is a really good cleanser for people with dry skin. Prepare it fresh every morning for best results! You can use oats or sunflower seeds instead of almonds to make the cleansing grains. Also read: 8 Beauty Commandments To Live By If You’re In Your Early 20s!

Natural Face Cleanser 4. Oats and lemon juice for oily skin

4 natural face cleansers People with oily skin should make a paste of ground oats or almonds mixed with lemon juice or water to cleanse their face naturally. This cleanser is a great way to gently exfoliate and brighten your skin without the use of harsh chemicals.

Natural Face Cleanser 5. Olive oil to the rescue

Olive oil is another best natural face cleanser that can work wonders for your skin. With its moisturizing and healing properties, it is especially useful for dry and sunburnt skin. Use a mixture of half a cup of olive oil and one-fourth cup of vinegar and water to cleanse and lighten your skin. It is also great for making your skin softer and smoother, so win-win all through! You’ll see a noticeable difference right from the first use!

6. Honey honey - how you thrill me!

6 natural face cleansers Using honey as a natural face cleanser is one of the best (and most convenient) things you can do for your skin. Just keep a small jar of honey to massage on your face every morning and wash it off thoroughly with lukewarm water. You’ll notice how your skin starts glowing in just a few days! The best part? You can use it every day because honey is so gentle on the skin.

Natural Face Cleanser 7. Apple cider vinegar for clean and clear skin

Using apple cider vinegar is an excellent natural face wash and a great way to get perfect skin that is neither too dry nor too oily. Use a mixture of equal parts water and apple cider vinegar every evening on your face to keep it radiant and smooth. Apply this mixture with a cotton ball and wash it off with cold water to see the results. Also read: The 5 Steps To Washing Your Face *Right* – Hello, Glowing Skin!

Natural Face Cleanser 8. Rosewater and glycerine for a rosy glow

8 natural face cleansers This mixture of rosewater and glycerine will naturally cleanse and tone your skin. Rosewater is amazing for the skin and using it with glycerine makes for one amazing skin cleanser! Use this every morning and wash it off with damp washcloth.

Natural Face Cleanser 9. Fruity goodness for your skin

The reason why a lot of face natural face washes use strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, cherries and apples in them is because these fruits are excellent for your skin! So why not take some fruit pulp and use it as a natural skin cleanser? You can use any of these fruits to cleanse your skin and it’ll work like magic. You can safely use these fruits on your skin every day too!
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Published on Sep 10, 2016
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