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Diwali Celebration Ideas

Be It At Office Or Home, These Diwali Celebration Ideas Will Be A Sure-Shot Hit!

After a year of being confined to our homes, the festive season is finally here! There’s Rakshabandhan, Dusshera, and most importantly, Diwali! This year, however, the festival will be slightly muted given the circumstances. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun! If you’re looking for Diwali celebration ideas, we have sorted that out for you. Here are some of the best Diwali celebration ideas in office or at home to make it an unforgettable affair.

Diwali Celebration Ideas In Office

Celebrating the great Indian festival with colleagues is a must. Scroll ahead for Diwali celebration ideas in office.

Get To Know Each Other Challenge

Diwali celebration ideas
PexelsDiwali Celebration Ideas 2021

This would be a fun idea for Diwali at the office. Prepare some question chits and put them in a bowl. Employees pick one and answer the question written on it. A great way to get to know each other even better, isn’t it?!! 

Mocktail Competition

Mocktail Competition - Diwali celebration ideas in office
Pexels -Mocktail Drink to Celebrate Diwali 2021

Another fun Diwali idea is to organise a mocktail competition. You will need to create different teams and give them the challenge to come up with unique mocktail ideas. The best drink wins! This game will leave you with various unique mocktails to try out in the end. A win-win situation and lots of fun too!! 

Make Sweets Together

Make Sweets Together - diwali 2021 celebration ideas
Pexels – Make Sweets Together – Diwali 2021 celebration ideas

How about celebrating the great Indian festival by making delish sweets? Being the festival of joy and lights by making sweets together at the office. In the end, you can gift it to each other and make it even more special and memorable for everyone.


Virtual Diwali Celebration Ideas For Office

Why not make this Diwali even more fun virtually? Since most offices have taken the WFH approach, here’s a list of fun virtual Diwali celebration ideas for office. 

Online Musical Concert

Dance Party

Dance Party -  diwali 2021 celebration ideas

pexels – Dance party to celebrate Diwali 2021

Office parties are incomplete without some dance moves. So bring together a fun playlist and get all the employees to shake a leg from the comfort of their homes! 

Fashion Show

Ethnic fashion Show- Diwali Celebration Ideas
Pexels -Ethnic fashion Show- Diwali Celebration Ideas

Make this virtual Diwali celebration the most memorable one by organising an online fashion show. Decide on a dress code for your online Diwali celebration and get the party started. The best dressed win a prize!


Diwali Celebration Ideas At Home

We’ve compiled a list of fantastic Diwali celebration ideas at home to celebrate the festival with your loved ones.  

 Welcome Guests With Marigold Garlands

unique diwali celebration ideas
Pexels – Marigold garlands to welcome guest

Marigold flowers are believed to bring happiness and prosperity to life. So, on this auspicious occasion, dazzle up your home entrance with the beauty of yellow and orange marigolds and keep garlands handy to welcome your guests. 

Rangolis For Good Luck!

Rangolis - Diwali celebration ideas at home
Pixels – RangolisDiwali celebration ideas at home

Rangoli brings good luck and happiness to the house while also adding to the festive spirit. So before your guests start arriving, make a rangoli with organic colours, dried flowers, diyas and leaves and leave them awestruck. 

Colour And Decorate Diyas

Colour And Decorate Diyas - diwali celebration ideas at home
Pexels -Colour And Decorate DiyasDiwali celebration ideas at home

Painting your own diyas is a fun and creative activity to get involved in during the Diwali festival. So, bring out the classic mud diyas, paints, glitter, ribbons… the works! The whole family can enjoy this activity together.  


We hope our Diwali 2021 celebration ideas have inspired you to throw a fantastic Diwali party at home this time! Have a safe, colourful, and happy Diwali! 

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17 Aug 2021

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