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Let The Dead Rest In Peace: Sushant Singh’s Ex-Manager’s Family Urges People To Be Human

Let The Dead Rest In Peace: Sushant Singh’s Ex-Manager’s Family Urges People To Be Human

So much has happened since Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death to suicide. It’s been almost a month and yet speculations haven’t stopped about why the brilliant actor was pushed to take his own life. While the actor didn’t leave a suicide note behind, people keep coming up with their own theories as to how nepotism and an elitist industry ‘murdered’ Sushant by sabotaging his career.

Sushant’s ex-manager Disha Salian also lost her life to suicide in June this year. Unfortunately, her name is being dragged to these invasive theories and speculations as people desperately try to make sense of these shocking deaths. From link-up claims with Sushant to Suraj Pancholi’s alleged involvement in her death, all kinds of insensitive theories and rumors around Disha’s unfortunate demise are being peddled across social media and tabloids right now. 

And while for everyone else out there these might be mere rumours or news pieces, imagine what all of this must be doing to the bereaved families and friends who haven’t even been given the space to process the loss. Imagine losing someone dear and then waking up every morning with not just a reminder of it but also a disturbing coverage of their death clubbed with the most inappropriate assumptions about them.

Aggrieved by the disturbing news coverage, Disha’s family has issued a statement urging people to let her “rest in peace.” The statement reads, “Dear all, Whoever is reading this, you may or may not be knowing us and Disha in person. But we all have one thing in common. We all are humans and have the ability to feel. Thus we hope you all understand our pain. We lost someone we loved. The loss is too deep and grave to be processed. It’s a difficult situation for us as we are still trying to come to terms with her demise. But at the same time, what’s more upsetting are the several unnecessary rumours, conspiracy theories, and speculations that are not just fake but are also hampering the well being of her parents and close ones.”

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It further says, “While we continue to grieve our loss, we have only one request to everyone. Kindly help us heal by not encouraging, entertaining or spreading the fake rumours and news circulating around on social media by people who clearly have turned insensitive and are trying to take advantage of someone’s death for their own vested interests. Disha was someone’s daughter, someone’s sister and someone’s friend. You all have someone who is fulfilling these roles in your lives. Look at them and tell us, how would you be feeling if same would be happening to your dear ones. Empathy is a basic quality that makes us human. So let’s be human first. Please let her Rest in Peace and let’s spread kindness. Salian Family & Friends.” 

Last month, actor Imran Khan’s son Babil had also taken to Instagram to urge people to stop using his dad and Sushant’s name in all the nepotism claims while they pursue personal agenda. He further requested people to be considerate towards the dead and to stop speculating about Sushant’s death. “I urge you to stop investigating the reason because it only brings more despair to the people intimately suffering the loss,” he wrote. 

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It’s still not settling in. We’ve lost two very sincere people and sincerity is key in our spiritual journey, thus it comes as an unbelievable shock, the way Sushant has departed. Naturally, we have descended into pinning the blame on something or someone, which in itself is the most futile act because to find peace by playing the blame game is not honest peace, it is a fleeting reflection of a lie. I urge you to not blame someone or something for this incredibly unfortunate happening, I urge you to accept that life is filled with leg spin deliveries bouncing off spin with no apparent explanation or understanding provided, I urge you to stop investigating the reason because it only brings more despair to the people intimately suffering the loss. Instead we must celebrate the evolution of these sincere men and let their wisdom manifest in our own journeys in some way, hoping to keep little lanterns of their memories ignited in our sensitive souls. I’m saying stand up for what’s right without using Sushant’s demise as an excuse, if you want to rebel against nepotism, do so, but don’t use Sushant as a reason to why you’re doing so now. Stand up for what’s right regardless anyway in any case. (And it would and should be my fight to prove to the audience that I deserve a shot.)

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There is indeed great wisdom and sensitivity embedded in what Babil has said, something that people have failed to understand all this while. Losing a loved one to suicide is a really devastating time for a family. There is so much to process, so much to understand, and a huge void to deal with. All the careless rumors and conspiracies theories around these deaths just keep scratching these families where it hurts the most. Let’s not do that, let’s be emphatic, and kind, at least, to the dead.

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06 Jul 2020

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