Rebel Against Nepotism But Don't Use Sushant's Death As An Excuse: Irrfan Khan's Son Babil

Rebel Against Nepotism But Don't Use Sushant's Death As An Excuse: Irrfan Khan's Son Babil

It's been 10 days since Sushant Singh Rajput's tragic death and yet speculations haven't stopped about why the brilliant actor was pushed to take his own life. While the actor didn't leave a suicide note behind, people keep coming up with their own theories as to how nepotism and an elitist industry 'murdered' Sushant by sabotaging his career and dreams.

Last week, a case was filed against Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Ekta Kapoor, and six others by an advocate in Bihar who claimed that it was because of systematic targeting of Sushant's career by these people that he was driven to the brink. In fact, the nepotism debate has resurfaced since the actor's demise with many Bollywood biggies being targetted for pressuring Sushant into taking the action. 

And while the discussion of nepotism was long due in the Indian entertainment industry, exploiting Sushant's death to this end isn't how it should be done. Instead of focusing on their issues and personal experiences with nepotism, some industry insiders keep focussing on Sushant's death to further the conversation which is not only wrong but can also cause distress to his near ones who must be seeking to grieve in peace right now. Actor Irrfan Khan's son Babil recently took to Instagram to call out these people and urged them to stop using Sushant as a crutch for their cause.

"It comes as an unbelievable shock, the way Sushant has departed. Naturally, we have descended into pinning the blame on something or someone, which in itself is the most futile act because to find peace by playing the blame game is not honest peace, it is a fleeting reflection of a lie. I urge you to not blame someone or something for this incredibly unfortunate happening, I urge you to accept that life is filled with leg-spin deliveries bouncing off-spin with no apparent explanation or understanding provided," Babil wrote in his caption.

Having recently lost his father, Babil understands what Sushant's family must be going through and has thus urged people to be considerate of them if not anything else. "I urge you to stop investigating the reason because it only brings more despair to the people intimately suffering the loss," he wrote. 

He further said that, with this, his aim is not to stop people from speaking about nepotism. All he seeks from netizens is to speak about it with the right approach. "I'm saying stand up for what’s right without using Sushant’s demise as an excuse. If you want to rebel against nepotism, do so, but don’t use Sushant as a reason to why you’re doing so now. Stand up for what’s right regardless anyway in any case," he wrote. 

Babil has requested people to stop pulling Sushant and Irfan's names in the nepotism debate every now and then. The two must be left to rest in peace and "Instead we must celebrate the evolution of these sincere men and let their wisdom manifest in our own journeys in some way, hoping to keep little lanterns of their memories ignited in our sensitive souls."

There is indeed great wisdom and sensitivity embedded in what Babil has said, something that people have failed to understand all this while. More power to you, Babil.

Featured Image: Instagram