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7 Simple Ways To Fight Oily Skin During The Summer!

7 Simple Ways To Fight Oily Skin During The Summer!

Oily skin is always an annoyance, but come summers and it becomes truly unmanageable. While there isn’t much we can do about the weather, we certainly have some tricks up our sleeves to tackle oily skin woes. Here are few tips for oily skin, Read on to remain shine free this summer!

7 Skincare Tips To Get Rid Of Oily Skin Now!

Cleanse Properly

Cleansing the skin is crucial regardless of your skin type, but people with oily skin have to go the extra step to ensure a squeaky clean finish. Double cleansing aka an oil cleanse followed by a face wash is the key to fresh skin. While using oils or anything heavy on oily skin may appear scary, but oils actually help dislodge the makeup and go deeper into pores for an effective cleanse. And once they are followed by a face wash, there is no sticky feeling left on the skin.

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But Don’t Overdo The Cleansing

2 oily skin in the summer

It may be tempting to keep washing your skin or using harsh cleansers in the hopes of ridding yourself of oily skin. But, overdoing your cleansing may actually backfire and leave you with even oilier skin. This is mainly due to the skin being stripped of its natural oils (sebum), which triggers production of more oil in an attempt to compensate for the lost sebum. In order to avoid this, pick a gentle cleanser and wash your face no more than twice or thrice a day. Cetaphil and Neutrogena are 2 brands you can’t go wrong with for oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Skip Alcohol Based Products

While alcohol-based products tend to give an appearance of temporary relief to oily skin as they soak up the skin oils, giving a matte effect, they are, in fact, terrible to put on your skin for prolonged periods of time. They dry up the skin, forcing it to produce more sebum, and initiating a host of skin troubles such as sensitivity, redness and itchiness. Switch to alcohol-free products or opt for products which list alcohols as the last few ingredients to ensure low alcohol content. Make it a point to always check the ingredients before applying anything on your face!

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Favour Cold Showers

4 oily skin in the summer

Steam opens up pores and a cold shower does the exact opposite – seals them tight. Once the pore size has reduced, the amount of sebum produced by the skin reduces visibly and ensures that you stay shine free. As a quick pick me up during the day, rub an ice cube over your face to instantly tighten, mattify and brighten your skin. A cooling face mist does the trick as well!

Use A Salicylic Acid Based Toner

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid which works wonders to plunge deep into the pores and remove all the gunk in there. Works wonderfully to purify and rid the skin of imperfections resulting from clogged pores and sebum. We love the Neutrogena Blackhead Removing Cooling Toner (Rs. 429) for the cool, tingly sensation it leaves on the skin while giving a squeaky clean look. But give salicylic acid a miss if you’re allergic to aspirin! Rose water also makes an excellent, natural toner.

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Don’t Skimp On The Moisturiser

6 oily skin in the summer

Moisturising during the summer may not be very high on your priority list, thanks to humidity doing its job, but it is essential to supplement the skin’s natural moisture barrier. You need a lightweight, water-based moisturiser suited for oily skin. Look for keywords such as “Non-Comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores)”, “No Mineral Oil” or “Hyaluronic acid (it is a lightweight hydrator as it can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water and does not weigh heavily on the skin).

Cold Shower Benefits

Incorporate Essential Oils Tailored For Oily Skin

If natural ingredients are your preferred way of dealing with skin issues, opt for oils such as Tea Tree (Ideal for oily, acne and blemish-prone skin); Chamomile (Soothing, reduces puffiness and anti- inflammatory); Neem oil (Purifies the skin and gives it a supple sheen); Peppermint Oil (Regulates sebum production); Eucalyptus oil (Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial); Grapeseed oil (Controls sebum and oil production). A few drops of these oils can be added to a carrier oil or into your moisturiser to reap their benefits. They are just what you need to keep oiliness in check while giving your complexion a boost of nourishment for a fresh, healthy glow.


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31 May 2016

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