7 Types Of Boobs (And Bras!) In The World – Which One’s Yours?!

Apurva LamaApurva Lama  |  May 5, 2016
7 Types Of Boobs (And Bras!) In The World – Which One’s Yours?!


We all know what a perfectly fitted bra can do for us, but finding the perfect bra that hugs and supports your breasts comfortably is never easy. Some of us are still confused whether we’re an A or a B. The good folks at the The Third Love have made things very easy for us by telling us that it’s not just the size of your boobs we have to consider while buying a bra, but the shape too. And apparently there are seven different types of boobs in the world! Read more and find out which one are you and what kind of bra you should be wearing.

1. Round

different types of boobs

Women with Round breasts…consider yourselves very lucky! They have equal mass on the top and the bottom half, making them naturally shapely and well formed. If you have Round breasts, then you don’t necessarily have to invest in structured or padded bras to lift them up. Seems like nature’s already done that for you. All you need to know…is your size and pick the prettiest bras that catch your eye.

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2. Slender

As the name itself suggests, Slender breasts are narrower at the top and fuller at the bottom but not wide. The nipples are pointed slightly downwards, and the boobs generally have a smaller cup size as they are longer and not wider. If this is your type, then opt for plunge bras with some padding. Since Slender boobs are relatively small in size, you can also go all out and don the balconette bras which are just oh-so-pretty!

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3. Asymmetrical

different types of boobs

As strange as this sounds, having Asymmetrical boobs is actually a very common phenomenon among women. You have Asymmetric breasts if one of your boobs decides to become bigger than the other one. Yes, it happens…you know it. However, the size disparity isn’t too big that you need special fitted bras for your ladies. A bra with removable padding should do the trick!

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4. East West

If your breasts just cannot stay centered and they tend to sway in opposite directions, then you’ve got yourself two wanderers! This type is called the East-West. A T-shirt bra with a front closure is ideal to keep things centered. Choose seamless bras as they help smoothen the shape and keep things well rounded.

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5. Bell

different types of boobs

Bell shaped boobs have a narrow top and fuller bottom just like the Slender boobs, but they are bigger than Slenders in comparison. They are also wider at the bottom and tend to sag a little bit, pulling your nipples downwards. Think underwires to keep them in place and push them up. Push-up bras with thick straps work best for Bell shaped boobs.

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6. Side Swept

Is a wide gap in between your breasts? If yes, then you have Side Swept boobs. Unlike East-West boobs, they’re not turning in opposite directions, but they simply choose to stay far away from each other. Plunge bras are ideal for Side Swept boobs as they draw them in without pushing them too much like bras with a front closure.

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7. Tear Drop

Tear Drop breasts are generally bigger in size and have a very rounded bottom. They are similar to Round boobs but just a tad bit narrower at the top. If you have Bell shaped boobs, then opt for bras with lots of underwire support and those that have full coverage. Sadly, balconette bras are not very ideal for this shape as they might cause spilling or even a fore-boob!

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