Epilator Vs Trimmer – What’s A Better Buy And Do You Really Even Need One?

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Oct 22, 2020
Epilator Vs Trimmer – What’s A Better Buy And Do You Really Even Need One?


There are two types of women out there – those who embrace their body hair and those who want it removed. Choosing to keep body hair or not is a personal choice. However, if you do want to get rid of it, there are plenty of hair removal techniques available. Shaving, waxing, laser, trimmers, epilators – the choice is yours. While the effects of waxing and laser treatment last longer, some prefer hair removal gadgets. Epilators and trimmers are great choices to remove hair on the body and the face. So ladies, trimmer vs epilator – which one should you shell out your money on? Let’s find out!

What Is An Epilator?

What Is An Epilator


An epilator is an electronic device that uses metallic tweezers to pluck the hair from the root. Since plucking is involved, you could experience pain. There are currently two variants of epilators – a dry epilator and a wet epilator. The dry epilator is okay to use on dry skin, and the wet epilator is okay to use in the shower. Since epilators pull out the hair from the root, the results are long-lasting. You can enjoy clean and smooth skin for at least 4-5 weeks. You can use epilators to remove hair on the legs and arms and any other body part specified by the brand. If you’re someone who has sensitive skin or can’t stand the pain, an epilator may not be a great hair removal gadget for you. Some say that after using an epilator, the hair that grows back is thinner and finner.  

Pros: Portable and delivers long-lasting results. 

Cons: Can be painful and comes at a high cost.

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What Is A Trimmer?

As the hair removal gadget’s name suggests, a trimmer trims the hair. Since it does not pluck the hair from the root, the hair can grow back thicker, sharper and faster. Although using a trimmer is a painless procedure, in less than a week, hair begins to grow back. Many women use a trimmer on the bikini line, underarms and sometimes even the face. Using a trimmer frequently can take a toll on the skin. It can make the skin more rough and rugged. The good thing about trimmers is that they not only save you time but money as well. They’re easy to operate, but don’t deliver long-lasting results. It’s a great gadget if you’re running late to an event or an important function. 

Pros: Portable, easy to use, pain-free. 

Cons: Hair grows back faster and thicker.

What’s The Difference Between Epilator & Trimmer?

Before picking up either hair removal devices, you’ve probably asked yourself – what’s the difference between an epilator and a trimmer? Let’s take a look, shall we?







Makes Skin Rough



Hairless Skin For Long Duration






Removes Hair From Root



Leaves Skin Pokey 



Available in dry and wet models



Suitable For Sensitive Skin



How To Use An Epilator?

Epilators come with different attachments. There are different caps for different areas such as the face, underarms and bikini lines. If you’re wondering whether to use an epilator or a trimmer for bikini area – understand that an epilator will fetch you more long-term results. To remove the hair, slowly move the epilator against the direction of the hair growth. Avoid pressing the device on your skin and hold it away to prevent skin damage.

How To Use A Trimmer?

In an upward movement, slowly trim the hair. You can use the trimmer to remove underarm hair, public hair and facial hair. If you’re wondering whether to use a trimmer or epilator for facial hair – understand that a trimmer is not as painful as an epilator. If you’re using a trimmer for bikini area, choose one that is water-resistant. Start by taking a warm bath, then exfoliate the area, apply a generous amount of shaving cream and then, glide the trimmer through your bikini line. If you’re using a dry model trimmer, place the trimmer close to roots and slowly trim in an upward movement. Since the skin is prone to getting rough post trimming, you should always moisturise it after.

Which Is Better – Epilator or Trimmer?

Which Is Better - Epilator or Trimmer


Epilator vs trimmer – which of these products take the prize? Epilators are the winners! Although they cause pain, overall, they keep the skin smooth, soft and hairless for a longer period of time. Trimmers are great hair removal gadgets if you want to remove hair quickly without experiencing pain. Epilators may pull your hair out from the root but won’t damage your skin as trimmers would. From a price perspective, both these hair removal gadgets are expensive. However, an epilator will you give you value for money because it removes the hair without damaging the skin. Whereas, the trimmer will trim your hair, but make your skin poky and rough. Nevertheless, it makes a great product for beauty emergencies. 

Final Thoughts: If you had to compare two hair removal techniques, let’s say – shaving and waxing, then epilators are similar to waxing and trimmers are similar to shaving. Just how waxing pulls the hair from the root, epilators do the same. In the case of shaving, the razor does not pull out any hair from the root but just cuts the hair. This is something similar to what a trimmer does as well. It’s only that both these hair removal devices cost more than waxing sessions and razors. If you’re some who is practical and likes long-lasting results, choose epilators. If you want a pain-free hair removal device, the trimmer will be at your service. It all boils down to what you want at the end of the day.

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