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Love In The Time Of Quarantine: DeepVeer Are Being Mushy Gushy While Pampering Each Other

Love In The Time Of Quarantine: DeepVeer Are Being Mushy Gushy While Pampering Each Other

Somehow I feel like we’re becoming better versions of ourselves while in quarantine. Most people on my Instagram are cooking and cleaning, taking care of their skin, spending time with their family, praying for the fast recovery of those infected by the coronavirus. 

Setting a great example for the rest of the nation, Bollywood celebrities have taken it upon themselves to self-isolate as well. And of course, my personal faves, Deepika and Ranveer are acing even this. They’ve spent their past few days working out together, making their skin radiate and eating healthy too.

You know what they say- a couple who sweats together, stays together. (If you know what I mean!) Ranveer even captioned his post saying, “Double the Endorphin-rush when She’s around! 💕💕#homegymbuddies 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻 my #mondaymotivation”

Awwww. Double awww!

Working out together during the coronavirus pandemic is a great way to pass time and get fit at the same time. And what’s the best part? There are loads of home workouts that do the trick.

Deepika is also carefully looking after her body by feeding it fresh fruit and juice- wholistic healthy life is important to keep your immunity up. Feeding your system nutritious foods also tells it that you care about your body and are willing to put in the effort to keep it strong.

Our Mastani didn’t stop at this, she also took out time to pamper her skin and massage it with a face roller to get that blood circulation moving. Even at home and in her jammies, DP’s eyebrows look perfect, don’t they? We’re pretty sure Bajirao is right there helping her out.

Deepika and Ranveer even got out on their balcony on Sunday at 5 PM and clapped for the medical staff and all the doctors working tirelessly to protect us from COVID-19. They played the Chak De! India song to bring in the josh and Ranveer even beat the drums while Deepika rang a tiny ghanti.

Okay, they both also shared pictures of themselves indulging in a bucket of chocolate ice cream and a jar of Nutella. Well, after all that workout and healthy eating you gotta binge on sugar- it’s called balance, for God’s sake!

We’re loving Deepika and Ranveer’s quarantine cause it looks like a super fun party for two. Gotta find the silver lining even during difficult times, right?

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24 Mar 2020

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