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Don’t Hesitate To Seek Support: Deepika Padukone Shares A Guide To Combat COVID-19 Anxiety

Don’t Hesitate To Seek Support: Deepika Padukone Shares A Guide To Combat COVID-19 Anxiety

Deepika Padukone, who has long been an advocate for mental health issues, took her initiative a step forward on Monday by curating a wellness guide for those struggling with anxiety during the coronavirus outbreak. It was in 2015 that Deepika first spoke about her own fight with depression and anxiety. Deepika has since actively dialogued on the topic and worked on spreading awareness towards the same. She also runs the Live Love Foundation to champion the cause of mental health awareness and eradicate the stigma around the same. It was just last year that her organisation launched a series of lectures to combat the mental health crisis in the contemporary world. 

Deepika’s latest wellness guide comes at a time when we really need it as the coronavirus has literally challenged and changed how we used to go about our lives and dealt with stress on a day to day basis. With the lockdown under effect and no escape from the infection in sight as of now, quite naturally, the major part of the population remains anxious about what will happen next. Add to it the added stress of a dwindling economy, challenged businesses, and jobs. 


“Do not hesitate to seek support when you are feeling overwhelmed. Click on my Instagram Wellness Guide for ideas and advice on nurturing your mental health during this period of uncertainty and beyond,” Deepika wrote, as she shared the guide on Twitter.

“Caring for our mental health and seeking support when we are feeling overwhelmed has always been important. These aspects have become even more critical at a time when the pandemic has affected millions, globally,” wrote Deepika. 


A curation of tips to address mental health and daily routine ideas to maintain it, this guide will help you sustain your mental health effortlessly through means of informative videos and ideas. Right from the basic steps of addressing your mental health and its current state to creating a support system to help others who are in this with you, the guide helps you with a comprehensive insight into the nuances of taking care of your mental health. 

In case you have been uneasy during the lockdown but don’t know how to interpret it right, here’s a video from Deepika’s guide that’ll help you with a checklist to address your mental health during the lockdown: 



Through the guide, DP has urged people to make positive lifestyle changes and new routines. Small habits like following a strict bedtime routine and maintaining your personal hygiene during the lockdown can work wonders for your mental health. The following video from DP’s wellness guide helps you with a set of similar suggestions:


We are all in this together and the sooner we realise this the better. A very efficient way of taking care of your mental health is by building a strong support system that helps you stay focussed and motivated. You can begin small by reaching out to your friends and family over video calls or being kind and compassionate towards your colleagues. Also, building a community means that you extend a supporting hand whenever those who take care of you through the crisis when they need you. Here’s what else you can do:

Easy to follow, comprehensible, and useful, this is a guide that all of us can use and benefit from. Have to give this one to Deepika for being the hero that we need right now!


You can access the full guide here.  

Featured Image: Instagram

19 May 2020
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