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Deepika Padukone Is Set To Play The Lead In Brahmāstra 2 & Here’s All You Need To Know About Her Role

Deepika Padukone Is Set To Play The Lead In Brahmāstra 2 & Here’s All You Need To Know About Her Role

As Brahmāstra nears its September release, our excitement knows no bounds. Admittedly, it has been a long time since we were this stoked about a movie and we can’t wait to finally watch Ayan Mukherji’s labour of nine long years. The best part? If the first instalment, Brahmāstra Part One: Shiva does well, this might very well be the beginning of India’s very own superhero universe, the Astra verse. In a recent interview, Ayan confirmed the same by talking about how Brahmāstra will culminate into an entire trilogy and we’ll get new characters with each part. “The entire trilogy will tell the same story but the next movies will introduce new characters and bring new perspectives to the Brahmāstra story,” he shared. Well, we now have some fresh updates on the sequels and hold your breaths because this is gonna blow your mind. A little birdie tells us that Deepika Padukone will play the lead role in Brahmāstra part two and rumour has it that she has already been locked for the part.

In an interaction with an entertainment media platform, an anonymous source has revealed that the film’s second part revolves around two main characters—Mahadev and Parvati.”The makers have locked Deepika Padukone to play the character of Parvati. In fact, Deepika will also make a cameo towards the end of Brahmāstra, which will eventually take the film into the second part,” they shared.


The source further added that all the characters are interlinked in Ayan’s Indian mythology-inspired universe and said “The world is unlike anything one has seen before in world cinema.” We hear that Ranbir and Alia’s characters, Shiva and Isha, will be appearing in all parts of the trilogy as well.

And now comes the biggest question that has been haunting us ever since we first heard of the Brahmāstra trilogy—if it took Ayan almost a decade to create part one, won’t it be forever since we get to watch the subsequent instalments? Well, the source has an answer for this as well. “Brahmāstra was a challenge as an attempt was made to create something unique. The entire crew has now got hung up on the technology and hence, the time taken to make a sequel won’t be as long,” they share.

NGL, this is assuring because we cannot wait for India to wow the world with its very own superhero universe! Here’s hoping that we hear more on Deepika Padukone’s role in Brahmāstra super soon.

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19 Jul 2022

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