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Zen Mode On: Relax Your Senses Thanks To These Soothing Essential Oils

Zen Mode On: Relax Your Senses Thanks To These Soothing Essential Oils

Did you know there is an aromatic way to destress your body and mind? The beauty of essential oils is such that they can actually work to relieve you from stress through their aromas and. There are certain oils that are especially touted for their anxiety and stress relieving abilities. From diffusing them to fill your room up with their aromas to incorporating them in oil blends to massage your skin and hair, you can apply these essential oils however you like to relax and unwind at home. Here’s a list of essential oils that offer the most stress relieving benefits.

5 Essential Oils That Help Relieve Stress


Citrus Boost

Derived from the citrus fruit, bergamot essential oil has a re-energising effect on your senses. It has mood-enhancing properties that helps you feel refreshed and relaxed so that you are set to go about your day stress-free. It can alleviate anxiety and is also additionally used in various beauty concoctions, both in DIY recipes and OTC products, thanks to acne-fighting properties. Create a DIY scented balm with this oil and apply it on your wrists, neck or temples, whenever you feel stressed. You can even mix it with a carrier oil like almond oil or jojoba oil and use it to massage your skin and hair.

Rosewood Relief

Touted for relieving stress and reducing anxiety levels, rosemary essential oil is a front runner in the relaxation department. The warm and woody aroma of the oil invigorates the senses and the result is reduced cortisol production in the body, cortisol being the hormone produced when you feel stressed. It has notes of camphor in its fragrance that further evokes calmness and subdues the mind. Apart from its stress alleviating abilities, rosemary is also recommended for promoting hair growth and for treating oily, acne-prone skin. A concoction of rosemary oil mixed with a carrier oil of choice is perfect for stress relieving body massages from head to toe, or it can be even used in an air diffuser.

Ray Of Sunshine

A top choice of fragrance for many popular perfumes, Ylang Ylang essential oil is derived from a star-shaped yellow flower and is a delightful essential to combat stress. Research suggests that this oil helps boost mood, reduce depression and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and decreases heart rate all of which contributes to alleviating stress. This soothing flower-scented oil can also be used to treat dandruff and itchy scalp conditions. Add a few drops to rose water and use it as a facial mist any time of day or night. 

Fields Of Lavender

We aren’t surprised that lavender essential oil has made it to this list. This multi-tasking essential oil is a great addition to any medicine kit and beauty kit. It is one of the most popular aromatherapy oils that is widely used across the globe thanks to its ability to calm anxiety and sedative effect that aids people suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders to catch a good night’s rest.  It offers a sweet floral scent that has herbal, woody undertones. 

Scent Of Petrichor

Reminiscent of petrichor which is the scent of the earth after it rains, vetiver essential oil has a grassy invigorating fragrance that also soothes your senses and creates a feeling of serenity. This stress-relieving oil also has notes of citrus and woodiness that hit the right spot to make you feel calm and relaxed. You can simply sniff on this oil by massaging it on your wrists or add it to an air diffuser or carrier oil for massages.

Set up your stress-relieving self-care set with these essential oils RN!

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07 Dec 2021

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