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Enthu-Cutlet Max! 8 Reality Show  Stars That Make Us Go ‘Kya Khaate Ho Bhai’

Enthu-Cutlet Max! 8 Reality Show Stars That Make Us Go ‘Kya Khaate Ho Bhai’

In case you happen to be a reality TV enthusiast, you have surely seen your share of contestants who have too much enthusiasm. It’s like they’d literally do anything but stop and sit calmly for a while, not even to catch their breath. Their life mantra perhaps goes like: main ladna chahti hun, pyaar main padta chahti hun, main girna bhi chahti hun, but rukna nahi chahti! You know what I mean! 

Well, say what you may but these are also the contestants who actually make the show interesting. Don’t @ me, please! It’s of course the cringe content that makes the Indian reality shows worth a watch and these enthu-cutlets give us plenty of it. It’s like we love to hate them and vice versa. Have your own list of extra hyper-reality show contestants who make you go ‘kya khaate ho bhai’? Let’s see if it matches with ours. Scroll down to read.

Rakhi Sawant


Almost a decade and a half in the industry and if there’s something that hasn’t changed at all, it would be her energy levels. From high octane drama to romantic adventures, Rakhi Sawant has legit done it all and still has so much to offer. She can currently be seen on Bigg Boss 14 and boy, is she hilarious! She is always pumped up max in the house 24X7, has amazing comic timing, and has a way of getting her share of the screen time no matter what the other contestants are doing. 

Arshi Khan


Okay, in this case, we do know what this contestant has been eating: our heads! It’s like there is Bigg Boss season 14 and then there is Arshi Khan and her antics. She has been operating on some other level altogether all this while, is always coming up with the kind of strategies that reminds us of the most problematic saas-bahu shows. From bullying Vikas Gupta to flirting with Abhinav Shukla, she’ll clearly do anything to stay in the limelight. And while you might loathe the person you gotta admire the spirit.

Sima Taparia


Sima Taparia from Indian Matchmaking belongs to an entirely different league altogether. In case you happen to be a girl and God forbid, ever end up meeting her for matchmaking purposes, you’d be judged, real hard. But that’s not it, she’ll go on giving you unsolicited, shady advice, most of which would revolve around the idea of “compromise.” However, what she lacks in the judgment department, she more than makes up for it through her perseverance. Rest assured, there is no way this enthu-cutlet would ever end up giving up on the idea of asking you to settle for a “compromise.” Never!

Pradhyuman Maloo


So how extra is Pradhyuman Maloo you ask? Well, in case you are visiting his house, he’ll stuff your face with weirdly fancy food (even if you aren’t hungry), has a bedroom handle with his face on it, and a wardrobe bigger than my entire room. Also, when on a date, he doesn’t shy away from asking questions like, ‘So what kind of animals do you like, mammals or sea life?’ Nah, don’t think too much into it. That’s just how this chap rolls. 

Seema Khan


You don’t need to elaborate on the enthusiasm of a reality TV star and a celeb wife who does not shy away from indulging in a one-sided communication with Kim Kardashian every now and then, right? Well, that’s Seema Khan for you! She “occasionally” slides into Kim K’s DM to send her selfies and shiz like that, is never out of caustic comments, and forces you into wearing her designs (even if they don’t fit) if you happen to be a celeb friend going for a high profile party. Yuppp!

Prince Narula 


Ever seen Prince Narula doing a task in any of the reality shows he’s ever done, getting next level aggressive, and acting like he just became the king of the world after winning it? Seriously, be it a dancing reality show or a Bigg Boss task where you are supposed to collect fake chicken eggs made of cardboard, his enthusiasm for tasks and competitions is always the same.

Shehnaaz Gill


So it is attention (or ‘tension as she calls it) that Shehnaaz Gill happens to be the most enthusiastic about. And to get it, she won’t shy away from doing anything including beating her own damn self. Also, you gotta check out her enthu-cutlet mode whenever she gets to meet one of her celeb crushes like Kartik Aryan or Gautam Gulati. Too much! That said, we do have a thing for her nude lippies for sure.

So fam, who would you say, wins at being an enthu-cutlet out of these celebrities?

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Dec 2020

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