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Know Courteney Cox’s Favourite ‘Friends’ Episode? Hint: It’s In Her Instagram Profile Pic!

Know Courteney Cox’s Favourite ‘Friends’ Episode? Hint: It’s In Her Instagram Profile Pic!

If during all these weeks of quarantine, you haven’t binged on F.R.I.E.N.D.S even once, then I’m sorry but you are doing quarantine wrong. It’s the only TV series that is still trending on the Netflix Top 10, despite being more than 25 years old, and with good reason. A little bit of drama, a lot of fun, hot people–all on the side of stylish outfit inspiration–what’s not to like?! Heck, even the famous Courteney Cox who played Monica Geller on the show is binge-watching Friends these days!

Recently, Courteney called in for an interview that Ellen DeGeneres has been conducting as ‘EllenTube’ during the lockdown. During the interview, she revealed many things including how she’s been binging on her own show because she “didn’t remember it all” and her favourite episode. And believe me, it’s a good one too! 

In the video, you can watch the actress say, “I do remember the people and I remember the specific things that happened. But my memory is not great when it comes to fun times.” Well, thank God Friends is on Netflix. Talking about her experience with the re-run, her response was, “It’s really good, turns out.” LOL! Quit being modest, CC!

Furthermore, she went on to reveal her most favourite episode, “The Thanksgiving episodes are my favourite.” I can relate to that, Mon! “The Thanksgiving one where we all had the flashback and I was overweight Monica,” she recalled. In case you can’t place it, this is episode 8 ‘The One With All The Thanksgivings’ from Season 5. “I loved playing overweight Monica because I felt so free. I could dance, just sit up and dance and have no problem at all. I did love it. Those are really good episodes,” she went to say.

Well, now we know why her Instagram profile picture is what it is! Here, we’ll show you:

In these episodes, Monica was made to wear a fatsuit to fit the character’s early days. Even on previous occasions, Courteney has expressed how much she enjoyed dancing in the fatsuit. It sure was fun to watch her too! It instantly made us happy and want to dance. Such is our Monica Geller! In fact, all our F.R.I.E.N.D.S!


In other news, the planned Friends reunion (which was the highlight of 2020 and cancelled because of the pandemic) could be filmed by the end of summer! The reunion was originally scheduled to be available on the WarnerMedia-backed streaming service at its launch on May 27. Due to the coronavirus, production was shut down across the globe. However, HBO Max still hopes to air the reunion special in the coming months. Looks like there’s still hope for 2020. 

Featured Image: Instagram

13 May 2020

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