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#CoolTools: Beauty Tools That’ll Make Makeup And Skincare So Much More Fun!

#CoolTools: Beauty Tools That’ll Make Makeup And Skincare So Much More Fun!

Indulging in skincare can be so therapeutic, especially it comes to layering your face with multiple products that feel oh so good on our skin. Even if you use something as basic as a night mask once a while, it just rejuvenates you.

It’s now time to take your skincare regimen up a notch with beauty accessories and tools that’ll ensure you make full use of your skincare products that you spent so much money on. They not only make sure your product seeps well into the skin but are also so relaxing!

Beauty Tools To Add To Your Makeup Kit

If you wish to make the most of your skincare products without investing in another cream or a serum, invest in a great skincare tool. It’s often the simplest changes that can create a long-lasting effect. 

Gua Sha

If applying facial oils or serums is your favourite part about doing skincare, a gua sha should be your next purchase! It is a natural tool that is used to massage your face to improve circulation and scraping off the dead skin. It’s part of the ancient Chinese healing technique that improves skin texture, making it appear uplifted and smoother. It also plays a pivotal role in face sculpting and natural contouring.

Facial Roller 

Facial rollers are definitely not a new concept in beauty. They add a fun element to your skincare regime and there are a plethora of facial rollers to choose from. The OG facial roller (jade, rose quartz or another crystal), ice rollers and even vibrating facial rollers. Facial rollers improve blood circulation, reduce fine lines, improve skin texture, flush out body toxins and even help tone your face. Each one of them has proven work their magic and is a great investment if achieving #NoFilter skin is your goal.

Facial Massager

Your hunt for the best cleansing tool ends right here! Using a silicone-based facial massager is the perfect way to deep cleanse your face every time. The silicone brushes vibrate and provide a thorough cleaning of pores and the removal of dead skin cells. A face massager also helps reduce signs of ageing and makes your product application much better. One such brand that should be on your radar is Foreo. They claim, that their ‘T-sonic pulsations’ can do all the above-mentioned favours to our skin, revealing a brighter complexion with every use.

Beauty Fridge

Do we need it or should we ignore it?

There’s no evidence that storing your skincare (or makeup) products in a fridge can improve the way we use it on a day to day basis but yes, it definitely helps them stay fresh for a longer duration. If you’re a beauty hoarder, perhaps investing in a beauty fridge should be your next move. Not only will it keep your products fresh but who doesn’t love applying cool masks on their skin!

Too cool for school these tools are-amirite or what!

Featured Image: Instagram

13 Jul 2020

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