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#HeSays: 10 Confusing Things Girls Do (That Guys JUST Don’t Get)

#HeSays: 10 Confusing Things Girls Do (That Guys JUST Don’t Get)

It’s a long established fact that women work in mysterious ways. And any sane man would have given up on understanding exactly how a woman’s brain works. Why they do the things they do, how they make the decisions they do… Here are some confusing things they do that we just don’t get. And don’t expect to ever either!

1. Going to pee in groups

Is there a free cupcake/ cocktail dispenser in that washroom? Because that would explain so much. Right now, we just don’t get why on earth you would want to accompany a friend to the loo of all things!

2. Being friends with the girls you secretly hate

Yesterday you told us that you really don’t like that girl’s guts and that you always have a bad time when she’s around. Today, you’re going to brunch with her. We won’t say this to your face, but are you just trying to mess with us?

3. Mixed signals

Women can go from flirting to flat-out ignoring us in seconds…without us even saying a word in all of it! What gives?


3 confusing things women do

4. Saying something…while meaning something else!

From the “I’m fine” to the “I’m not mad”, nothing means what we think it means! Was there a memo we missed about you saying pretty much the opposite of what you mean?

5. Asking for advice without ever intending to take it

Let’s be honest, you were never intending to wear what we suggested. So why did you even ask?

6. Waking up beautiful!

Okay, this is insane. Even after sleeping for just four hours and having a crazy hangover, women still manage to look beautiful when they wake up. It’s almost unfair.


6 confusing things women do

7. This belief in retail therapy

How will spending ten thousand bucks on things you didn’t really need make you feel better in the grand scheme of things? Please someone explain this.

8. Always surprising us with how amazing you look

Even if we’ve known you for a decade, even if we’ve seen the same dress on you a million times, even when we don’t know why you sometimes take forever to get ready, we’re still blown by how gorgeous you look every time.

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9. Not accepting a compliment…

Dear women of the world, we really do mean it when we tell you that you’re gorgeous. We’re not joking, we’re not lying, and we’re not saying it to just get laid. If we think you’re beautiful, we tell you. That’s all. No strings.

9 confusing things women do

10. Your compassion

It doesn’t matter what differences you’ve had with someone in the past… If the person is in need, you always come through. The past is thrown out of the window without a second’s thought. For someone who won’t forget the reason behind every single fight with your partner, that’s quite impressive. And confusing!!

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03 Jun 2016

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