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10 Common Mistakes Girls Make While Buying Makeup!

10 Common Mistakes Girls Make While Buying Makeup!

Ask any beauty blogger, artist or expert, they’ll ALL tell you that shopping for beauty products is no child’s play. Since there’s so much variety out there, you’re always spoilt for choice! To bag the best beauty products, a good amount of research, concentration and patience is required. Aimlessly splurging on the wrong beauty products is where most girls tend to goof up. Here are 10 common mistakes when buying makeup every girl makes!

1. Testing Foundation Shades On Your Hand

You may or may not have experienced this first hand, but when you ask for a particular foundation shade, the store representative first applies it at the back of your hand to match the skin tone on your face. While this works best to check the texture and longevity of the product, the same can’t be said about skintones. You see, the colour of your skin is different on your arms and wrists as compared to your face. Hence the best way to find your perfect shade is to test the product on your face!  

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2. Not Giving The List Of Product Ingredients A Read

2 mistakes when buying makeup


Sure, reading the long complicated list of ingredients at the back of the product can be taxing. However, it’s important to keep an eye for keywords and the expiry date. You don’t want to buy an ingredient that’s harmful for your skin’s texture. This could not just damage your skin, but you may also have to deal with a nasty rash in the future. The moment you spot certain toxic ingredients, put the product down and move on to a better and safer deal.

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3. Splurging On Products That You Already Have

Have you ever been in a situation where you own two products that do the exact same thing? Using them within a certain period of time is crucial because of its shelf life. To avoid making an unnecessary splurge, make a beauty list. The kind that includes products that you already have and the ones you genuinely need. This will save you money and space!

4. Letting The Beauty Store Lady Make Choices For You

4 mistakes when buying makeup


Let’s be honest with this one, the main goal of every store representative is to sell their product. They are trained to guide, recommend, communicate and convince the buyer. If you don’t feel right about a product and you need time to think about it, politely put it back. Never feel pressured to a buy a product you don’t really need. Go by your instincts and spend your money wisely.

5. Assuming That A Product That Looks Good On A Friend Will Work For You Too

Another mistake most girls make is buying a product that looks good on someone else. Since everyone’s skin tone and hair texture is different, it’s difficult to come to a conclusion that products will work the same for the both of you. Reading up on product reviews and testing products will bring you closer to making the right choice.

6. Picking Up A Product In Its Largest Available Size

6 mistakes when buying makeup

If you’ve never used the product before, it makes no sense picking up a product in its largest size. What if the new product doesn’t live up to your expectations? It’ll just be kept locked up in your beauty cabinet forever! We urge you to not waste your hard earned money. If you’re experimenting with a new product, pick a standard sized bottle or bring home samples.  


7. Not Taking Your Skin Type Into Consideration

For those who aren’t aware of this, there are products that cater to different skin concerns. It’s important to find out whether you have oily, sensitive, dry or combination skin. No matter what skin complexion you have, you must invest in products that work with it.

8. Judging A Perfume Based On A Few Whiffs

8 mistakes when buying makeup

Since perfumes are expensive, you really need to try on a few before settling for your signature scent. A quick whiff is not enough to figure out whether the scent works for your body or not. Spray it on and leave it on your skin for a few minutes. Walk around and after some time, you’ll know if the scent is worth it or not.

9. Making The Assumption That ALL Brands Have The Same Colour Breakdown

Just because the foundation shade that you’re using is beige, it doesn’t mean that it will be called by the same shade term or colour by other brands. In spite of makeup names and numbering, you still can’t be sure whether the shade is perfect for your skin. Unless you’re loyal to a particular brand’s product, it’s safe to buy the product with the same shade name. If not, you’ve got to test before making a hasty buy.   


10. Buying Products Just Because Of Pretty Packaging

10 mistakes when buying makeup

They say, ‘never judge a book by its cover’ for a reason. The same goes for beauty products. Sure, pretty packaging plays a big role in selling the product, but that shouldn’t be the only factor that gets taken into consideration. Packaging has nothing to do with the deliverability of a product. It boils down to quality, quantity and usability, at the end of the day.

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24 Mar 2017

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