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5 Eye Makeup Trends That Will Help You Unleash Your Inner Artist

5 Eye Makeup Trends That Will Help You Unleash Your Inner Artist

Makeup is all about having fun- there’s nothing right or wrong in it. We know that beauty blogs and influencers are always teaching you techniques and how to perfect makeup but actually, it’s all about being creative and doing what you think looks great on you. So, if you also like to express yourself through makeup, we’ve got some quirky eye makeup ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Colourful And Whacky Eye Makeup Looks That’ll Unleash Your Playful Side

Cheetah Print All The Way

Animal print has been so on-trend for the past few years. People are wearing faux versions of it, getting it painted on their nails, and now are incorporating it into their makeup looks too. This graphic liner is a cheetah print one but it’s vibrant and vivid. Use face paint liner pots to recreate this look cause they’ll show up beautifully on the skin.

Sunset Eyes

Sunset eyes look gorgeous and the trick with them is to blend blend and blend. If you start by using tiny amounts of shadow and keep blending it as you go you’ll be able to achieve a more cohesive and coherent look. Then just make strokes with a pastel liner and add lashes, and you’ll look bombdotcom.

Loving The Metallics

The more glitter you apply, the less bitter you are- it’s a fact, look it up. Once you’ve done your eye base, take a metallic chalk and apply some to the inner corner of your eyes and a different shade to parts on your eyelid. Create a smudged graphic liner look and go for bushy brows to complete the lewk.

In The Mood For Spring

Spring is upon us and that means all floral everything. Use a sheer, pink shadow as your base, and then add mini dried flowers. This obviously will give you a cutsey makeover and you’ll look like the kind of girl who frolics about and spends most of her time in parks and gardens and definitely not one who sits in her sweats all day binge-watching Schitt’s Creek for the millionth time.

Butterfly Vibes

Lilac is having a major beauty moment right now and this butterfly eye makeup look is a perfect way to incorporate it into your look. This monochrome vibe is all about using the same shade on your eyes, lids, and cheeks and it looks freakin’ fabulous. Use buttery shadows that’ll blend well and give a seamless finish and finish it off with loads of mascara.


We know that these looks aren’t for the faint-hearted but if you want to express yourself through makeup then don’t be afraid to try something bold and bright. Let your gold and brown eyeshadows take a little breather and venture into the world of colour.

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16 Mar 2021

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