12 Best College Canteens In Delhi That Serve Affordable & Delicious Khaana

Priyambada DubeyPriyambada Dubey  |  May 9, 2019
12 Best College Canteens In Delhi That Serve Affordable & Delicious Khaana


What is the one thing you missed the most when you moved to a different city for further studies? Of course, your comfy bed and ghar ka khana. In fact, had it not been for the college canteen, most of us would have survived only on maggi and chai!  

Thankfully, these colleges come to the rescue of its hungry students with their super-cheap canteens that serve some delectable delicacies. Here are some of the most popular college canteens in Delhi that know the right thing to do (read serve) when hunger strikes.

Kirori Mal College

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Yes, this is the same college Big B and Satish Kaushik graduated from! The Kirori Mal college canteen is huge and by huge I mean it can easily accommodate over 200 people at a time!

Must Try: Chinese Samosa, Chole Bhature

How To Reach: Get down at Vishwavidyalaya metro station. Exit from the gate that reads University Campus. Take an e-rickshaw (Costs 10 bucks) to Kirori Mal College.

Jesus And Mary College

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On days when JMCites can’t afford to bunk classes for the Taj CCD, the college canteen comes to their rescue. The food menu here is diverse however, one may find it a tad bit expensive than the rest of its league.

Must Try: Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, Chilli Potatoes

How To Get There: Get down at Lok Kalyan Marg station (former Race Course on the yellow line). Take a shared auto (for 20 bucks) or an independent auto that will take you to JMC.

Indraprastha College For Women (IP College)

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Though we are totally in love with the banta stall and chaat corner right outside the campus gate, the rooftop canteen is no less when it comes to treating our taste buds. There’s also packaged food available for those who are always on the go!

Must Try: Cheese Maggi, Gulab Jamun, Bun Tikki, Kulcha Roll, Chaats

How To Get There: You can take a rickshaw to the college from Civil Lines metro station. Or if you want to build an appetite, just walk. It takes hardly 5 minutes.

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

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When you are at SRCC, you simply can’t miss their continental breakfast! So don’t fill yourself with the piping hot maggi at Tom Uncle right outside the SRCC gate and save some space for the scrumptious in-house delicacies.

Must Try: Hot Dogs, Scrambled Eggs, Basketball Egg Sandwich

How To Get There: Take the yellow line metro and get down at Vishwavidyalaya. The college is only a 10-15 minutes walk from there.

Miranda House

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One thing that makes Miranda House stand apart from other colleges (apart from its old school architecture and cats lazing around the campus) is the college canteen. And if there is one thing about the canteen that pulls everyone towards it, it’s the fusion menu.

Must Try: Paneer Dosawich, a melange of dosa and sandwich with a decent amount of paneer in it.

How To Get There: The college is only ten minutes walking distance from the Vishwavidyalaya metro station.

Delhi School Of Economics (DSE or D School)

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If the popular JP Stall in the D School is a paradise for chai lovers, then the canteen here is a haven for foodies. The DSE canteen is known to serve the best non-vegetarian items in the entire locality. 

Must Try: Mutton Cutlet, Mutton Dosa, Masala Coke, Egg Curry

How To Get There: Get down at Vishwavidyalaya metro station. The college is only a 10-minutes walk from the metro station.

Sri Venkateswara College

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Venky is popular for a lot of things and good food is one of them. It’s interesting how the place keeps changing its menu to go with the season.

Must Try: Masala Dosa, Aloo Tikki, Masala Maggi, Fried Rice, Vada Sambar

How To Get There: Get down at the INA or AIIMS metro station and just take an auto from there. 

Lady Shri Ram College For Women (LSR)

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Well, calling this one a canteen is actually a sin! LSRites call it a cafe and rightly so. The well-thought of interiors and the grand menu makes it one of the most good-looking college canteen. Oh, and did we mention that they serve a new dessert every day?!

Must Try: Keema Dosa, Chicken Tikka Rolls, Lemon Rice, Tomato Rice, Mutton Dosa

How To Get There: The nearest metro station is Moolchand. You can take an auto or choose to walk from there. 

Ramjas College

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We don’t know what’s more amazing- having a three-floor college canteen or having a 5-star trained chef. Well, at Ramjas you have both. Do we need to say more? After a filling meal, grab an ice cream from the vendor right outside the canteen.

Must Try: French Fries with Mint Chutney, Rajma Chawal, Kadhi Chawal

How To Get There: Take an auto from Vishwavidyalaya metro station or walk the distance to build your appetite before the meal. 

Hansraj College

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With just 100 bucks in your pocket, you can grab a cold coffee, cutlets and patties before treating yourself to some muffins! Now you now know why this place is always flooded with people.

Must Try: Chocolate Frappe, Grilled Sandwich, Spring Rolls, Break Pakodas

How To Get There: A 10-minute auto ride from the Vishwavidyalaya metro station will take you to the college.

St. Stephen’s College

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You call the canteen a ‘cafe’ when you are in Stephens (Just like LSRites!). With the vintage charm of a coffee house, the food here is served in fancy bone china crockery! 

Must Try: Kashmiri Omelettes, Mince Cutlets, Samosa, Chicken Curry Rice, Cheese Scrambled Eggs, Dill Pickle Sandwiches

How To Get There: Exit from gate no.3 or 4 of the Vishwavidyalaya metro station and take an e-rickshaw.

Hindu College

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From chaats to rajma chawal and chole bhature to noodles, you can relish everything here at prices as low as Rs 50! There’s a fair chance of running into Bollywood celebrities who make frequent appearances at the college for movie promotions.

Must Try: Rajma Chawal, Parathas, Shahi Paneer

How To Get There: Hindu College is a 15-minutes walk from the Vishwavidyalaya metro station. An e-rickshaw is always available outside the metro station to drive commuters to the college for only Rs 10.

Not just plates of piping hot samosas and cups of cutting chai, we will remember our college canteens for reasons that go beyond food. This is the place where we created lifelong bonds with some people and had the most meaningful conversations of our life. To all these and many more memories we created in our favourite adda in college!

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