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The Secret To Ageing Gracefully: The Collagen Handbook You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Secret To Ageing Gracefully: The Collagen Handbook You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the biggest skincare trends of 2023 has to be ceramide and peptide-based serums, moisturisers, and makeup products. As we all know at this point, they help your skin maintain its smooth texture by hydrating it and helping with the production of collagen.

Collagen is a super protein that helps replace dead skin cells, increase cell turnover, and gives elasticity to your skin. Basically, if you’re careful about your collagen levels, you’ll have the dewiest, plumpest skin ever.

Can You Lose Collagen?

Our body naturally produces collagen, but you do start losing it as you age. It’s a natural decline that leads to signs of ageing (wrinkles and sagging skin) as well as a reduction in bone strength. In some cases, you experience this loss in your mid-20s and 30s, especially if you’re a regular drinker or smoke more than your fair share of cigarettes. Exposure to the sun also plays a big factor.

Here are some signs that your collagen is breaking down faster than expected:

  • If you can see a lot of change in your skin texture and experience more inflammation on new breakouts
  • Your acne scars take longer to heal
  • Signs of early wrinkling especially in the neck and chin area
  • Thinning or flat-looking hair + new bald spots
  • Incessant joint pain and stomach issues

What To Do If Your Collagen Is Decreasing?

Now once your body starts producing less collagen, there’s virtually no way to get back to the levels it once used to. Instead, there are a few alternative ways you can increase your collagen production.

Savour Your Supplements

The first way to increase collagen production in your body is through oral supplements. There are a lot of above-the-counter supplements that you can easily buy online – here are a few.

Peptides For The Win!

Another great way to boost collagen production in your body is through peptide serums and moisturisers. Peptides are basically amino acids that stimulate your skin to make collagen. Use these regularly and you’ll be signing up for younger-looking skin!

C For Collagen, C For Ceramides

Another foolproof way to stop losing collagen is to improve the strength of your skin barrier. If you’re someone who loves the sun, chances are your skin is losing a lot of collagen. The UV rays are known to penetrate the skin dermis and lead to damage in your collagen fibres. Here are some ceramide-based products that should help your skin regain elasticity.


And Of Course, Sunscreen

Last, some advice everyone in the industry has been lauding for decades. Always apply and reapply sunscreen to prevent loss of collagen as well as decrease the risk of skin cancer, scars, and hyperpigmentation. Here are a few favs.

All in all, if you see these signs of decreasing collagen – don’t stress. It’s not irreversible as long as you have the information you need on hand.

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09 Nov 2023

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