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10 Psychological Tricks To Help You Get Just What You Want!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
10 Psychological Tricks To Help You Get Just What You Want!

What if we told you that it’s not really that difficult to get everything you want? And we don’t just mean this in an inspiring, dream-big kind of way! There are some tested and tried psychological tricks that can actually help you get everything you want. Intrigued? Read on…

1. How do you get someone to like you?

If you want someone to like you, ask them for a favor! Yes, it’s as simple as that. If a person does not like you and still helps you when you ask them for a favor, their brain will try and justify the act by giving them reasons like “She’s really not that bad a person, which is why I helped her.” This is called the Benjamin Franklin effect. Pretty cool, huh?

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2. How do you know which two people are closest in a group?

If you are new at a place, and want to know which two people will back each other up at all times, then all you gotta do is carefully watch who a person glances at while they’re laughing. All of us instinctively glance at the person we like the most or are closest to when we laugh.

3. How do you win someone’s trust instantly?

Try mirroring every move of theirs. Mirror their body language while they are talking you, action for action – and it will make the other person feel like you agree with them on most things and are also really compatible with them. This is called the chameleon effect!

4. How do you avoid an aggressive confrontation?

Go and sit next to the aggressor, instead of standing right in front of them. Yes, this actually makes a difference! If you go sit near the person who might be angry at you, the close proximity will make them feel uncomfortable – and they will refrain from venting at you. That makes it easy to stay out of trouble, right?

clever psychological tricks

5. How do you teach people making fun of you a lesson?

Is someone trying to crack a joke at your expense? Well, take the fun out of the funny joke by simply asking them to repeat or explain the joke again. No one feels lamer than while explaining their own joke! Just like that, whoever is trying to make fun of you will get the idea that you are not one to be messed with.


6. How do you get a group of people to behave more ethically?

It’s basic human nature to work better when you feel like you are being observed closely by someone else. So that’s exactly what you need to do – with posters and pictures too! For example, if you put up a poster in your college with a message to keep the area clean, chances of people actually littering less would be higher if the posters you put up have a clear set of eyes painted on them. This will give them the sense of being watched!

7. How do you get someone to reveal more?

Let’s say you asked someone something, anything – and aren’t quite satisfied with the answer you got in return. It left you wanting to know more. So how do you get to know more? Well, you simply keep quiet and look the other person straight in the eye. They will start talking more, if only to escape the sudden awkward silence and the eye contact.

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8. How do you get people to accept your advice?

Sound not just like you know what you’re talking about, but also like you’ve been through it yourself. Don’t we all listen to people who are older to us in age and experience? That’s because we think that they know their sh*t – and that’s what you have to make the other person feel too, to make them take your advice.

9. How do you get your wish fulfilled?

Just ask for way more than you actually want, and then scale it down. It’s simple – if you ask for  something ridiculous and unachievable, the other person will reject it and then be way more accepting of whatever it is that you come up with next. Now, this time, ask for what you actually want – chances are, you will get it!

10. How do you become everything you want to be?

Well, fake it till you make it. You are what you think – so if you keep telling yourself you are super confident, even if you do not necessarily feel it, your mind will start believing it and you will feel yourself transform!

clever psychological tricks

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