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10 Sweet, Thoughtful Gifts To Show Some Love To Your Fiance!

10 Sweet, Thoughtful Gifts To Show Some Love To Your Fiance!

A million married girls will tell you this... your engagement period is the best one of your life. So we suggest you ditch the cliched flowers and chocolates, and give meaningful gifts to your fiance and watch the romance grow in your courtship period. Here are some awesome gifts for your fiance.

1. A book by his favourite author

1 gifts for your fiancé
Safest bet. Find out what genre or author he likes and give him the latest bestseller or a special edition of a classic. Want to take it a notch higher? Get an author-signed copy if possible.

2. Tie with a hidden message

Even if he wears a tie once in a while, a cutesy note printed on silk can be slipped inside the sleeve of the tie, to be locked in it forever. Of course, he can pull it out to read - this will make the tie extra special!

3. Personalised tie pin

3 gifts for your fiancé Not just any tie pin, but one with his name engraved on it to make it more personalised. He'll appreciate the thought. Cufflinks will do too.

4. Win his heart with a watch

A classic, this is one gift that will be wrapped on his wrist, reminding him of you every time he looks at the time. Also read: Anniversary Coming Up? 10 AWESOME Gift Ideas For Him!

5. A sweatshirt with his name on it

5 gifts for your fiancé
Most men love sweatshirts, so why not get his name embossed or embroidered on it to add a personal touch to it?

6. Frame your best picture together

Your best click as a couple (it doesn't have to be from the engagement day), get it framed in a silver frame, so that he can adorn his bedside or desk with it.

7. Couples’ sunglasses

7 gifts for your fiancé A really great pair of sunglasses - probably from a his and her collection - so that the two of you can beat the heat and be a cool couple.

8. His fav gadget

Most men love gadgets and your man will appreciate that it came from you. Also read: Gifts For In-Laws. Gifts For Guests. But What Do You Gift HIM?

9. An engraved keychain that he’ll always have with him

9 gifts for your fiancé A gold plated one with both your names printed on it. He could keep his car or home keys in it and will end up carrying it around with him at all times.

10. An experience to remember

It could be tickets to his favourite concert, or to a match or a voucher for a man-spa experience - find out what'll make him most happy, put it in an envelope and hand it to him. He is going to marry you immediately!
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Published on Oct 19, 2016
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