It’s Not Chai, It’s A Feeling: 12 Things Only A Tea Lover Will Relate To

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Jan 13, 2021
It’s Not Chai, It’s A Feeling: 12 Things Only A Tea Lover Will Relate To


There are three ‘C’ words that we Indians absolutely love and cannot do without–Cricket, Cinema, and ChaiIn India, a cup of tea is not just a beverage but an emotion. It’s how you begin your day, wrap up your work, greet your guests, cure headache, stress, and every other problem that exists in your life. Be it cutting or masala chai, we simply cannot imagine our lives without this small cup of heaven. If you agree, then congratulations my friend, you are a true chai addict. 

Things You Will Understand Only If You’re A Chai Addict

From parents to grandparents, the one thing that every generation has in common is their love for a garam chai ki pyaali. So honestly, these 12 things will sound relatable not just to you but to your entire fam!

You Aren’t Really Awake Without Your Chai

You might wake up on time and get ready for work or college but you aren’t really awake till you get that first sip of your chai. For all the chai lovers in the world, a perfect cup of tea in the morning = a perfect day ahead.

Chai Without Biscuit? What’s That?

There are certain jodis in the world that are made in heaven. For example, fries and ketchup, rum and winters, and Ranveer and Deepika. You simply know that one is incomplete without the other. Unless you didn’t pour your biscuit in that steaming hot cup of tea and finished it before half of it fell in your tea, did you even live your life to the fullest? We doubt!

Chai Piyoge?

There are certain questions in the world that don’t need to be asked because they come with an answer attached to them by default. Do dogs bark? Is texting that toxic ex a wrong move? Do you want to have tea? Well, yes, yes, and hell yes! You really don’t have to ask a tea lover if they want to have another cup of tea because believe us when we say, the answer will always be a definite YES.

Chai Pe Charcha

From discussing politics, social inequalities, to the plot of the latest movie, every discussion in the world is incomplete if it’s proceeded sans tea. Chai pe charcha is one of the most common phrases in India and the quickest way to break the ice and befriend your peers and colleagues. 

Baarish, Chai & Pakode

Indians cannot wait for the rainy season to show up because how else are you going to enjoy garam-garam chai with pakode? This ultimate combo fills us with the nostalgia of our childhood. TBH, having a cup of tea on a rainy day has got more to do with feelings and less with taste.

Stress? Headache? Just Have Tea!

Work pressure killing you? Have a cup of tea. Ugly spat with your partner? Just have tea. Parental issues? TEA! 

Basically, all your problems in life can be sorted with just one cup of tea. And while many of you will think that we are kidding, a true chai lover will know that it is, indeed, the ultimate truth of life. Tea is like an elixir to our soul that can make our lives easier and better instantly.

You Don’t Like Tea? Are You Human?

For tea lovers, the concept of someone not liking tea is alien. I mean, how can someone not like tea? It is made with love, magic, and every beautiful flavour and aromas in the world! Honestly, chances are that chai addicts will not even like you if you ever make the grave mistake of telling them that you don’t drink tea. 


There are just a few noises in the world that are like symphonies to our ears. Our mothers hurling abuses at us, bosses announcing early bonus, and the slurping noises when someone drinks tea. The satisfaction that you get when you make that surrrrrrpppp sound while drinking your tea slowly is truly unparalleled. 

You Have A Tea Team

Every tea lover has a superpower that helps them attract more tea lovers toward them. Whether you are working in different departments or studying in different batches, a tea lover can identify another tea lover from miles away and before you know it, you guys are already a tea-team.  

Chaiwale Bhaiya Is Your Extended Family

The tea-seller aka the chaiwale bhaiya of your locality or near your office knows you by your name. In fact, they might even know your father and grandfather’s name because that’s the close bond you share with them. After all, they are the ones who provide you with the kadak chai that you most desperately need every day along with some free cookies every now and then.

Chai vs Coffee

Raise your hand if you have actively participated in the never-ending debate of chai vs coffee and fought till the end to prove that it is indeed a cup of tea that you can have anywhere-anytime and not coffee! We’re sure all of you must have raised your hand and you know a secret? You’re right!

Feels Like Home

A lot of us don’t even realise it but all it really takes for someone to feel comfortable at an unknown place is a cup of tea. Whether you’re travelling, visiting an old or a new friend’s house, or tripping on the mountains, a cup of tea can instantly put you at ease and make all your apprehensions disappear. 

Seriously, it’s not just a cup of tea, it’s a wholesome feeling.

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