Headbutts, Cat Hair & Loud Meows! 11 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Cat Parent

Janvi ManchandaJanvi Manchanda  |  Mar 3, 2021
Headbutts, Cat Hair & Loud Meows! 11 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Cat Parent


The world is a better place if you have pets. An animal brings a lot of experiences –some dramatic and some affectionate. And if you’re a cat parent, you know you have a certain reputation. Dogs may be adorable and loving but cats are a special breed altogether. Being a cat parent is like having a teenage kid who has a massive attitude and throws tantrums! And let’s not even get started on the midnight marathons, cuddle attacks and all those broken showpieces and cups! 

You know that bundle of fur is effortlessly cute and you are head over heels in love with your pet. But you also know that your cat can turn into satan’s spawn out of the blue and have you huffing and puffing in no time. Cats are independent beings but they’re also affectionate in their own quirky ways and are total attention seekers. We’re sure you remember that mouse or lizard that your kitty got you as a gift! Cats are the perfect mix of adorable, loving and annoying. So, if you’re a cat owner (or rather owned by a cat), here are a few things that you will relate to.

1. Is There Anything Without Cat Hair?

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Wherever you go, you carry the gift of cat hair with you! There isn’t a single corner in your entire house or a single piece of clothing that does not have cat hair.

2. Butt In Face Is Far Too Common


You could be curled up in bed texting bae or sitting on the couch watching television and your cat will find a way to give you a full view of their butt right in your face. You’ve learnt the art of texting while looking at your cat’s stinky butt! 

3. Where’s The Box?


You can buy the most expensive and interactive toy on earth for your cat but he or she will always be more interested in that smelly box that just arrived in the mail. Cats do have a thing for cheap thrills! 

4. Alone Time? Bathroom Time?


Dare you shut the bedroom door for some alone time or sit in the loo alone, your cat is going to be kicking up a storm outside the door. Even in the middle of the night, you cannot pee without your cat watching you over. Having some alone bathroom time when you have a cat is a literal luxury.

5. That Wretched Book/Laptop!

Be it that puzzle you’re solving or that book you’re reading or the laptop you’re working on, your cat hates it all. I don’t really want your attention but how dare you pay attention to anything else, hooman!

(Throughout WFH, I haven’t had a single day when I could work without my cats jumping on my laptop!)

6. Meow-Meow


You can have an entire conversation with your kitty. To others, it may sound like a normal meow but you can tell the difference between each meow and what your cat is trying to convey! You’ve mastered the language of cats.

7. Stealth Expert


All hell breaks loose when you can’t find your cat…until you spot that notorious little thing coming out of a rather questionable spot…no other creature could crawl through!



Your cat loves your toes, they’re the best game to play and also the best chew toy. You’re used to your little furball attacking your toes any time of the day! 

9. 3 am Play-Time Is Perfectly Normal


They will be sleeping throughout the day, but when the clock strikes 3 am is when a cat pawri really begins. Your cat or cats will be running from pillar to post, for no apparent reason and jumping across the furniture. The point here is not to play with you, it is to wake you up for a brief few minutes, look at your face and scuttle away. And then they go right back to sleep, that’s true love right there!

10. What’s The Most Expensive Thing In The House?


Their sole aim is to find the most expensive piece of clothing or decor in the house and then destroy it. You’ve probably given up on that couch that your bundle of fur has been attacking and scratching day and night. 

11. Meow-dorable!

Your phone is full of cat pictures because we all know how photogenic they are. And the brief few seconds that they just cuddle with you, makes you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. 

A cat can be a devil in disguise but they’re so so precious. While they may not jump on you and welcome you home, there’s nothing more heartwarming than the moment when your cat headbutts your legs to mark you as their own! 

Feature Image: Pexels