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This Couple’s Viral Cat Maternity Photo Shoot Is All Kinds Of Weird And Funny!

This Couple’s Viral Cat Maternity Photo Shoot Is All Kinds Of Weird And Funny!

Maternity photo shoots have been all the buzz lately, documenting the birth of your child is a memorable life event that deserves to be captured beautifully. But one couple decided to take things a lot further. Photographer Lucy and her partner Steve recently welcomed a new member into their family and asked their photographer friend, Elizabeth Woods-Darby to help them document this life-changing moment with a maternity photo shoot.

01 cat

Hold up though, here’s the twist, the member is a cute little kitten! And the results that followed are absolutely hilarious. 

02 cat

Look at the grumpy little fur ball! 

03 cat

Peaking through the blinders, Elizabeth caught the perfect moment. 

04 cat

Can you see the fear of responsibility in his eyes?

05 cat

Such a patient little blob, just waiting to make an appearance in the big, bad world. 

06 cat

That precious moment when you hold your baby for the first time! 

07 cat

“Steve, he has your eyes”

08 cat

Isn’t he beautiful? Such a poser.

09 cat

Proud parents who made a miracle!

These pictures made their way to Elizabeth Woods-Darby’s Instagram account, soon after the ‘birth’. And though some people think the couple might have gone overboard, I find this concept incredibly creative and also a little adorable. Pets have become an important part of our lives, from wedding photo shoots for dogs to Instagram accounts dedicated to just pets, the world loves these furry little creatures, and rightfully so. Despite the fact that cats usually get a bad reputation for being aloof or independent and obviously, not as affectionate as dogs, this photo shoot has given us a sneak-peak into the lives of cat people. It might border on the weird and not for the average Joe, but Steve and Lucy, thanks for the laugh, and making my week a little better!

Images: Barefootinthefog on Instagram

16 Jan 2018

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