#ManiMonday: Cat Eye Nails Are All The Rage On Insta RN & They’re Purr-Fect

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Apr 12, 2021
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The quickest way to upgrade any eye makeup is by doing a cat-eye. Even on the days that you don’t feel like wearing any makeup, just drag your eyeliner a little bit and we bet you’ll be looking hella fierce. 

Seems like a catty update is all you need for your nails too as cat-eye nails are taking over our Insta feeds. By now you must have seen at least one of those shiny nail designs that match with a cat’s gleaming eyes. The mystical, shiny appearance is what’s making people go gaga over it and if you love dressing up your nails, then you should totally check them it RN.

Let’s Nail It Right!

Get over your perfectly matching eyeliners as there’s a new catty trend in town! Cat-eye nails are so in right now and it’s time to give some feline love to your nails.

PS: Perfecting this nail art is not an easy feat but with some practice and patience, you can totally ace this fad in no time.

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Step 1: Let’s Gather All The Materials

The first step is to gather all the stuff required and there are two ways you can go about it.

Option 1: Get a proper cat-eye nail kit that includes metallic nail paints and a nail magnet.

Option 2: Purchase a cat-eye nail set and stick them directly to your nails.

Step 2: Apply The Nail Polish

Next, it’s time to prep your nails by applying a base coat and then apply two coats of magnetic nail polish. Take any colour of your choice and apply it to your nails properly.

If you really want your nails to stand out, then choose a darker shade- trust us on this!

Step 3: Let’s Create Magic

As soon as you apply your cat-eye nail polish, do not wait for it to dry but immediately place the nail magnet close to it, without touching the nail, of course. You’ll notice the galaxy-like design forming on your nail, wait for about 7-10 seconds.

Note: Don’t just hold the magnet exactly on top of your nail but instead a little tilted. Also, if the design looks a little spotty, apply a super thin coat of polish once and start again. 

The glitter particles that you see in the nail polish are magnetically charged and will move wherever you move the magnet. Here is a great video to help you under this whole process better.

Best Cat-Eye Nail Desgins

Cat-Eye nails have quickly dethroned our beloved cat-eyeliner trend and for all the right reasons. And if you totally in the mood to give it a try, here are some nail inspo.

Bedazzle Them


Why only do cat-eye nails when you can go one step forward and bedazzled them with stickers? Think crystals, tiny bows- possibilities are endless.

Spot The Odd One Out


Instead of using only one shade, why not play with more? You can either play with two contrasting shades or apply a different one on each nail.

Same Same But Different


Create a symphony of colours by using different shades of the same colour family as your magnetic nail polish. For eg, if your choice of magnetic nail polish is blue, then use different shades of blue (teal, pastel, dark) on other nails for an #InstaWorthy update.

Who knew that doing nails could be so complicated yet fun!

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