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Cat Eye Makeup Is Going Viral, Here’s How To Try The Look Yourself

Cat Eye Makeup Is Going Viral, Here’s How To Try The Look Yourself

You don’t need to scroll far on Instagram to come across a bomb cat eye makeup look. The eyeliner style is picking up steam and we’re genuinely obsessed. Blame it on Euphoria’s Maddy or our fave girl crushes who gave the trend their nod of approval – cat eye makeup is set to be the hottest eye makeup trend of the season. The cat eye gives the peepers a lifted, snatched, and super glamm look that we crave. 

As nailing a cat eye is no easy feat, today we’re spilling the tea on how to make it a breeze. If you wanna rock the most amazing, razor-sharp wings, keep scrolling to know everything. 

What To Do Before Doing Cat Eye Makeup

Before you say ‘I do’ to the cat eye makeup, it’s important to prep the base for success. Ahead, we’ve curated the steps to follow before tracing that cat eyeliner. 

Step 1: Apply An Eye Primer

Make sure the area is properly cleansed, toned, and moisturised. If you have a baggy under-eye area, going over it with an ice cube will help reduce puffiness. Set the rest of your eye makeup products up for success by applying an eye primer all over your lids. Alternatively, using a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your natural skin tone will also get the job done. 


Step 2: Choose The Correct Eyeliner Formula

Choosing the right formula will help you recreate the cat eyeliner look with ease. You can either opt for felt tip pen eyeliner or a liquid liner that comes with a precise brush applicator. If you’re looking for a shine-free look, gel eyeliner that comes in a pot is the way to go. If you’re just dabbling in the world of cat eye makeup, we recommend using felt tip eyeliner as they are super beginner-friendly and convenient to use. When using a gel liner, it’s best to use an angled brush to apply the cat eyeliner. Ahead, find the step-by-step guide to nailing the cat eye makeup.

How To Do Cat Eye Makeup

Step 1: Apply Liner Along The Upper Lash Line

Grab your liner and apply it along your upper lash line in small and slow strokes. Doing it in a rush might end up messing it up. Going in with small strokes will also allow you to play with the thickness of the eyeliner as per your liking.

Step 2: Find The Right Angle For A Lifted Look

This step makes all the difference between a droopy lid and a lifted eye makeup look. It’s important to follow the natural shade of your peepers to decide where your flick would go. The trick for this is to imagine your lower lash line being extended and then follow that direction to trace your cat eyeliner. You can use an angled brush and an eyeshadow to roughly outline the shape.

Step 3: Trace That Feline Flick

Once you’ve figured out the right angle for your cat eye makeup, it’s time to create the flick. When creating the flick, it’s best to start with small dots. This will help you understand what your final look would be. If you’re satisfied with the shape, go ahead and fill in the gaps to connect these dots. To complete the look, connect the extended wing to the liner you applied above your lash line. 


Step 4: Tidy-Up

If it’s a little crooked, DW, bestie you can always use a cotton swap and a concealer to correct any mistakes. Voila! Prepare to hear a lot of “Wow! Your eyes!”

Different Types Of Cat Eye Makeup

Our FYPs are flooded with different types of cat eye makeup looks that are too good not to screenshot. So in the spirit of sharing is caring, we’re listing down the different types of cat eye makeup looks you need to keep on your radar!

Reverse Cat Eye

Give your cat eyeliner a fierce update by trying the reverse cat eye makeup trend. In this case, the cat eyeliner is just inverted to shift the focus to your lower lash line. The result is a sultry, sexy undereye that wings out at the inner corner to create a fiery hot feline flick. We like!

Smokey Cat Eye

For an eye makeup look that practically guarantees compliments, follow Dua Lipa’s lead. Just prep your lids with a primer and top it off with a cream concealer. In contrast to the regular cat eye that uses eyeliner, this style uses eyeshadow to mimic the effect of a cat eyeliner. Load some black eyeshadow on your precise blending brush and then trace it out as cat eyeliner. Use a fluffy brush to smoke it out. If you want to add more definition, draw a cat eyeliner with a liquid liner. 


Glitter Cat Eyeliner

Glitter eyeliner is the black liner’s cooler cousin that can transform a regular look into a megawatt masterpiece in seconds. Just swap your black liner with a glitter liner and use it to create a cat eye. And your eye makeup look will make you wanna dance toward the brightest lights. It’s the perf look to level up your weekend glamm.

Extended Cat Eyeliner

If you wanna radiate Maddy energy, this is the cat eyeliner look to call on. It’s giving a rebellious, IDGAF attitude and we’re genuinely obsessed. Maddy’s eyeliner deserves an award of its own if you ask us. Her killa’ liner look was as sharp as her sass and it’s perfect to channel the main character energy. Check out this cat eye tutorial to ape this look like a pro. 

Which of these cat eye makeup looks is more your style? Let us know in the comment section below!

Featured Image: Instagram

08 Aug 2018

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