Candy Nails Are All You Need To Add A Burst Of Colour To Your Pandemic Days!

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Sep 7, 2020
Candy Nails Are All You Need To Add A Burst Of Colour To Your Pandemic Days!


Going to the salon and getting my nails done was the one thing that made me happy beyond compare. Looking at my nails in shape, picking out a colour, getting some fun nail art done every once in a while was all a part of the fun. Honestly, you may think I’m extra but when my nails were done I felt like my life was put together. 

Even though salons have opened up, I haven’t gone to one cause hello, we’ve got the second-highest COVID-19 cases in the world, there’s no chance that I’m taking a risk. To keep myself busy and improve my mood, I’ve been painting my nails myself and the one trend that I’ve been loving is the candy nails trend. You should try it out too!

Candy Manicure Inspiration For When You Need An Added Burst Of Colour

Cute, colourful and stunning, these nail manicures will liven up your mood.

French But Make It Fun

How cute are these nails? Of course, they aren’t for the faint-hearted but we suggest that you give them a go because life could do with a little more fun and a whole lot of colour. Each of the french tips are a different shade of candy and we totes love it!

Trendy But Understated

For people who are just getting on the candy nail trend, this might be a more wearable option. It’s got the different shades, it’s got brightness and just enough boldness to not look OTT. Trust us, with these nails on, you’ll feel much happier!

Add Some Glitter

Glitter makes everything better and that’s a fact. Even in your candy nails, add some clear glitter polish for a fun and fab look. Paint all your nails in a different shade or keep it alike, as far as you’re adding glitter, it’s bound to look good. The perfect manicure to bid adieu to summers, don’t you think? 

Classic Candy

These nails work to show your support for pride and they even work as candy nails. Remember how you’d have a fave candy in a pack of Skittles that you’d save to eat at the end? Well, these nails are giving me that vibe. How cute are they!?

This trend is hella cute, hella bright and it’s perfect to lift your spirits up. During this scary time, we’ve got to do just about anything to stay happy, even if that means painting your nails the colour of candy!

Featured Image: Instagram