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Makeup In The Time Of Corona: Skin Tints Are Here To Replace Foundation & We Don’t Mind!

Makeup In The Time Of Corona: Skin Tints Are Here To Replace Foundation & We Don’t Mind!

It’s 2019, you are getting ready in your room. Your fave artist is blaring out of the speakers while you apply that bomb highlighter on your pretty face. You’ve texted “I’ll leave in ten” at least ten times to your friends when you and I both know that you left your home after an hour because you weren’t feeling the vibe of your outfit. You had a fun night with your best gal pals and you have other plans for the next day. Life was good!

Ever since Miss ‘Rona entered our lives (and bodies of those affected), life’s been a whirlwind. Forget about going out, I have lost track of what day it is today (unless payday is near) because everything sucks. And makeup? Let’s just say that it’s definitely on its way to getting expired when it should be Coronavirus who should be leaving our lives for good! Seriously, when was the last time you actually sat down and did a full face of makeup?

And if you’re someone who loves doing makeup on a daily basis, a skin tint might replace your favourite foundation! Keep reading to find out why skin tints are in such a high demand currently!

Skin Tints Are Here To Be Added To Your Carts!

A skin tint is a base product you can apply on your face for sheer coverage. Unlike a foundation, skin tints are of watery consistency that only enhance your skin tone, adding a bit of colour but provide no solid coverage. You can use a skin tint daily as its really light on the skin and provides you with a beautiful, natural finish.

But why are people loving it so much RN?

Everyone loves that spotless, *I don’t have any flaws* type of skin and a foundation is the perfect product for that. But admit it, they are heavy and you often end up sweating in this hot weather. And all this under a mask?! I. Can’t. Even!

Unlike foundations, a skin tint will not feel heavy on the skin. You can use a thin layer on your face or go heavy with the pumps but its watery, lightweight consistency will always give you a seamless finish without worrying about it being blended or not!

They do not come in a variety of shades they get blended into your own skin tone. Unlike a full coverage foundation, you need not worry about getting your skin tone right, but still make sure you use the one that’s closest to your skin tone.

Do not get them confused with a tinted moisturizer, those are completely different! Unlike a skin tint, tinted moisturizers provide moisture to your face while skin tints will only add a bit of colour, unless it’s a hydrating skin tint!

Is Skin Tint The Right Fit For Me?

That actually depends on, as Lucifer would ask, “What is it that you desire?”

If you’re looking for a lightweight substitute for your foundation with no coverage, you should get a skin tint. But if you want to enjoy the benefits of covering up your skin woes, a BB or CC cream would be a better choice.

If you have beautiful skin with not a spot in sight, you can wear a skin tint every day without getting your makeup all caked up or even sweat running down your face. Just beautiful, stunning skin.

Skin Tints To Get Your Hands On

Add these skin tints to your cart and get your natural glow on!

Featured Image: Instagram

28 Jul 2020

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