The Broke Girl’s Guide To Attending Her Bestie’s Wedding!

Rituparna SenguptaRituparna Sengupta  |  May 5, 2016
The Broke Girl’s Guide To Attending Her Bestie’s Wedding!

Being the bride’s bestie is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with its fair share of responsibilities. From throwing the bachelorette to choosing the ultimate wedding gift, you’d obviously not want to take half-measures when it comes to your best buddy. But doing things queen-size can lead to some major expenses. Fret not. Here is the must-read budget guide to your bestie’s wedding so that you don’t go broke!

1. Draw out a budget

This is the best first step to every plan. Divide your bestie’s wedding into the necessary components – bachelorette, fashion, gifts, travel and so on. Allocate funds accordingly and then toe the line. This will make sure you have loads of fun during the wedding without burning a deep hole in your purse.

Budget guide to your bestie’s wedding

2. Decide your look well in advance

Have you decided between the saree and the lehenga? Are you tying your hair in an intricate bun or going for those flowing waves? Purse or clutch? You will save so much on time and money, ladies, if you make up your mind weeks ahead. You can micromanage your funds and will have ample time to compile each and every look down to the minute details.        

3. Shop right. On time.

The biggest concern is, of course, the perfect outfit. As you help your bestie find her perfect bridal lehenga, don’t forget about your own wedding outfit. As you help her score her bridal wear, skim through the stores for your own outfit and take mental notes. Keep an eye out for sales happening around the city. Don’t put off your own shopping till the end as you will need time for accessorizing the outfit as well. You don’t want to spend a lot unnecessarily on last minute purchases and alterations, do you?

4. Do your own makeup and styling

Agreed that doing your own hair is a little difficult but doing your own makeup is no huge task. You are surely a make-up pro by now, what with the ladies’ nights, festivals and get togethers. For those who are not very confident, the Internet is abundant with wedding makeup tutorials. All you need are the requisite products and you can transform yourself into a diva!  

Budget guide to your bestie’s wedding

5. Apply for leave and book your tickets well in advance

Or be prepared to spend a bomb on last minute flight tickets in case it’s happening outside your city. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine.

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6. Budget the bachelorette

You can save during the bachelorette by following a few creative hacks while still pulling off a great show. Try locating the party in your own home or at a mutual friend’s whose house is in a convenient location. Send out cute e-invites instead of invitation cards. Rope in your friends and do up the decor with flower arrangements, clever lighting and good music. This saves time and also makes sure everyone is comfy and at ease.

Cut down on catering costs by cooking a fancy meal with the help of rest of the gang. Arranging for bachelorette props on rent for the photo session should be fairly easy too (thank you Internet!). Bring out the naughty games and karaoke, pop out the champagne and let the party begin!

7. Out station weddings are fun if the stay is easy!

In case your bestie’s wedding is not happening in your city, check with her about the stay arrangements. She has most likely made arrangements for you but just in case she hasn’t been able to, you can always catch up with mutual friends and try to book a hotel room together.   

Budget guide to your bestie’s wedding

8. Gifts, gifts and gifts

As a gift giver, the bestie must be always prepared throughout the engagement, bachelorette and wedding. There are several DIYs gifts that you can go creative with for the engagement and bachelorette – such as gift baskets (massage oils, exotic chocolates, gift card, wine). For the wedding, you can put your knowledge of your bestie to use and buy a gift that is personal. After all, as a best buddy, what is expected most of you is love.

9. Keep an emergency fund handy

As the best friend you are nothing short of a family member. You will be expected to run impromptu errands, help the bride with her schedule and just be on your feet. Allocate an emergency fund for the quick, unaccounted for expenses. Be it lunch on the go while you are visiting the florist or buying an emergency lot of hair clips and pins, if all these tiny things are drawn out from emergency kitty, all you will have to look back to after the wedding is a handful of awesome, well budgeted memories.

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